Mobile phones nowadays are part of who we are. We use our smartphones not just for communication but also for paying bills, booking reservations at our favourite restaurants, and many other convenient things we used to do. When we wake up in the morning, we go straight to our iPhones to check our social media and reply to emails and other important things. Basically, we can’t live without our mobile phones.

With this fascination for mobile phones, most of us put iPhone accessories to match it. It’s like decorating your room, making sure the colour palette and decoration match with the bed, your cover pillows, and the wall. Same with our phones, we add matchy blings to make it look nice. Let us give you ideas of the affordable phone accessories that might interest you, after all, Louve Collection is the expert in phone accessories, but even more: phone cases with changeable phone cords and straps.

Changeable Phone Cords

These braided phone cords have been in the trend this season. Hollywood celebrities have been flexing them and mixing and matching them with their outfits. Louve Collection offers a wide array of detachable phone cords and lanyards, this works as a mini phone bag. Lots of colours and styles to choose from to match with your outfit of the day. Pick any colour cell phone case and simply click the hook into the phone cover. Take note! We offer single phone cases and single phone cords. You can mix and match them together as your personal favourite. If you’d like to purchase a phone strap or lanyard, you might want to also purchase one of our phone cases to go with it. Not all our phone cords are compatible with other brand’s phone cases. Our IBIZA BOHO - PHONE CORD is a bohemian styled phone cord and a fun way to accessorise your phone. This detachable phone strap is detachable and you can add a smartphone case to match to your cord.

Colorful Phone Charms and Wristlets

Some of you wanted to keep it fun, funky and colourful. Our Beaded phone wristlet collection is for you. Add some colours to your smartphone to make your device look catchier and more exciting. Our wearable phone accessories collection surely will bring your OOTD a justifiable look. Our phone wristlets are the perfect accessories for TikTok and Instagram. A phone charm will make your mirror selfie instantly look cool! Attach the colourful beaded phone charm to your smartphone case. If you’d go for a funkier look, check out our new KATE Silver Plated Phone Wrist Strap!

The Pearly Whites

“The pearl is the queen of gems and the gem of queens.”, quote of the ever-gorgeous Grace Kelly. Who couldn’t resist its beauty? It brings the wearer an elegant yet simple look. Just like our pearl phone chain, influencers or your favourite celebrities wear them to accessorise their smartphones. And so you know, this stylish Pearl phone strap was featured on Emily in Paris worn by Ashley Park (Mindy). Whether you would go for a street style look or a classy minimalistic outfit, you can’t go wrong with this Pearl Phone Wristlet!

Phone Cases with Changeable Straps and Cords

Phone cases keep your phone safe and secure. And not only that, but phone cords can also act as a fashion piece by adding crystals, gems, beads or any bling you wish to make them look fashionable. Do you know what makes phone cases more exciting? You can attach your favourite phone cords, straps and wristlets, however you wish to match your outfit of the day. Check out our case with cord options or bundle deals to help you with picking out the best phone case + cord set for you!

Go for Gold!

Gold Phone chains are not just being used as an accessory to your phones, it also keeps your phone safe and within reach. Our phones are our most-used accessory, so why not make them as stylish as our outfits? It can be used as a cross-body bag or just a simple phone necklace, it can go with any outfit giving you a more luxurious feel to it. This phone chain is made with 14K gold plated on stainless steel. Here at Louve, these phone case with crossbody cords are selling like pancakes, you’ll never go wrong with them!

Our phones deserve a little extra love and care by dressing them up to make them look good, just like how we present ourselves. Personalise or Customise Your Phone! After all, you deserve the trendiest phone accessories we have in store. Visit our Louve collection and see our line of phone accessories just for you!


July 06, 2022 — Louve Collection

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