Phone Case with Pearl Cord worn by Ashley Park in Emily in Paris

Netflix’s smash hit, Emily in Paris, has taken the internet by storm ever since its debut last year, so there isn’t any doubt that its sophomore season has gotten everyone talking! While there is much to fawn over: the lighthearted plot, the drool-worthy dreamboats, the chic sidekicks, the endless shopping sprees, Emily played by Lily Collins herself, and not to mention the natural charm of Paris. Of course, what has us head over heels are the *drumrolls* looks! 

The sartorial magic of every episode makes us want to style-steal every page from their lookbook. This season, there were a number of moments that made our hearts skip a beat (aside from the romance, of course!)—spotting the trendiest phone accessories!

The Item

Call it a coincidence or a stroke of genius, but both seasons of the show have gotten a couple of phone accessories selling like hotcakes, with the first being a camera-esque cellphone case. Now, the trending accessory is the heiress-slash-struggling-singer Mindy’s pearl phone Chain. It comes as no surprise that the accessory to beat nowadays is not only pretty but pretty practical too. 

The Style

One of the show’s claims to fame is the stylist behind the showstopping looks. The mastermind of some of the show Sex and the City’s / SATC iconic looks is the same person responsible for Emily in Paris’s style catalogue. Indeed, we know Carrie Bradshaw would be carrying the same Phone case with pearl strap if SATC wasn’t circa the bedazzled flip phones era. 

The Look

What makes a phone case with a pearl chain a must-have accessory is that it balances fashion with function. As seen on Mindy, she wears it with a neon statement top as well as a basic white off-the-shoulder blouse, and the pearly phone chain blends well with either look! It is like carrying a glamorous purse or wearing a string of pearls around your neck—only better! It’s an unobtrusive way to accessorize your most eccentric pieces, but it is also one way to spruce up an otherwise plain outfit.

Steal the Look

Even though Emily’s and her cronies’ wardrobes largely aren’t for the budget-friendly shopper, this shouldn’t stop you from taking inspiration from the fashion flick. Uncover hidden gems just by binge-watching the show, and you might find your next fashion purchase hidden beneath all the poofs and the loud prints! 

Luckily, the pearl phone wristlet we are swooning over is available right here. If you’re looking for a longer version, which you can sport as a sling, it’s also here. Louve carries pearl phone cords for an array of units so you never have to miss out. It may be a hot trend right now, but since pearls are a staple and a classic one at that, you will be able to use this phone cord for seasons to come. 

Quick bonus: In one episode, you can also see Madeline Wheeler (Kate Walsh), Emily’s Chicago boss, sporting a sling-type phone cord. Not a pearl phone cord, but still another stylish option. Get yours here

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