Pearl Phone Wristlet / Bracelet worn by Ashley Park in Emily in Paris - Pearl Phone Chain

Pearl Phone Wristlet / Bracelet worn by Ashley Park in Emily in Paris - Pearl Phone Chain

Netflix’s smash hit, Emily in Paris, has taken the internet by storm ever since its debut last year, so there isn’t any doubt that its sophomore season has got everyone talking! While there is much to fawn over: the lighthearted plot, the drool-worthy dreamboats, the chic sidekicks, the endless shopping sprees, Emily played by Lily Collins herself, and not to mention the natural charm of Paris. Of course, what has us head over heels are the *drumrolls* looks! 

The sartorial magic of every episode makes us want to style-steal every page from their lookbook. This season, there were a number of moments that made our hearts skip a beat (aside from the romance, of course!)—spotting the trendiest phone accessories with pearls!

Pearl Phone Chain. Wristlet pearls. iPhone accessory. Emily in Paris. Ashley Park pearl phone strap.

The Pearl Item

Call it a coincidence or a stroke of genius, but both seasons of the show have gotten a couple of Pearl phone accessories selling like hotcakes, with the first being a camera-esque cellphone case. Now, the trending Pearl Phone accessory is the heiress-slash-struggling-singer Mindy’s pearl phone Chain / Wristlet. It comes as no surprise that the accessory to beat nowadays is not only pretty but pretty practical too. 

Pearl Phone Chain. Wristlet pearls. iPhone accessory. Emily in Paris. Ashley Park pearl phone strap.

The Style

One of the show’s claims to fame is the stylist behind the showstopping looks. The mastermind of some of the show Sex and the City’s / SATC iconic looks is the same person responsible for Emily in Paris’s style catalogue. Indeed, we know Carrie Bradshaw would be carrying the same Phone case with pearl strap if SATC wasn’t circa the bedazzled flip phones era. 

Pearl Phone Chain. Wristlet pearls. iPhone accessory. Emily in Paris. Ashley Park pearl phone strap.

The Look

What makes a phone case with a Phone Chain with Pearls a must-have accessory is that it balances fashion with function. As seen on Mindy, she wears it with a neon statement top as well as a basic white off-the-shoulder blouse, and the pearly phone chain blends well with either look! It is like carrying a glamorous purse or wearing a string of pearls around your neck—only better! It’s an unobtrusive way to accessorize your most eccentric pieces, but it is also one way to spruce up an otherwise plain outfit.

Pearl Phone Chain. Wristlet pearls. iPhone accessory. Emily in Paris. Ashley Park pearl phone strap.

Steal the Look

Even though Emily’s and her cronies’ wardrobes largely aren’t for the budget-friendly shopper, this shouldn’t stop you from taking inspiration from the fashion flick. Uncover hidden gems just by binge-watching the show, and you might find your next fashion purchase hidden beneath all the poofs and the loud prints! 

Luckily, the pearl phone wristlet we are swooning over is available right here. If you’re looking for a longer version, which you can sport as a sling, it’s also here. Louve carries pearl phone chains for an array of units so you never have to miss out. It may be a hot trend right now, but since pearls are a staple and a classic one at that, you will be able to use this phone cord for seasons to come. 

Pearl Phone Chain. Wristlet pearls. iPhone accessory. Emily in Paris. Ashley Park pearl phone strap.

Quick bonus: In one episode, you can also see Madeline Wheeler (Kate Walsh), Emily’s Chicago boss, sporting a sling-type phone cord. Not a pearl phone cord, but still another stylish option. Get yours here

10 Fun Activities to Do in Sydney

10 Fun Activities to Do in Sydney

Whether you are an enthusiastic tourist or an active local, you will never run out of things to do in sunny Sydney, Australia. The capital is filled with a natural beauty that you’d want to snap away and capture every moment. Spend the best days of your life in techni-colour by carrying your smartphone with you wherever you go, in Sydney.

Here are a few fun things you can do to make your days in this capital memorable (and Instagrammable!):

  • Market Hopping and Shopping

Sydney is brimming with fashion markets that are indeed what fashionistas’ dreams are made of. Immerse in the authentic Aussie fashion scene in Paddington Market, Glebe Markets, Kirribilli Markets, Finders Keepers, The Maker’s Nest, The Rocks Markets and more! Keep your phone around your neck with our phone necklaces, since your hands will surely be full of shopping bags!

  • Taking Coastal Walks

Sometimes, indulging in the view and basking in the sun is enough to send a surge of happy hormones. Take a hearty and earthy walk from Bondi to Coogee, Bronte, or Manly to Split. With a phone in hand, an active belt to keep it close to you, try to capture all the breathtaking scenery while getting Vitamin D and some exercise!

  • Visiting National Parks

Maximize your outdoor time by exploring Sydney’s spectacular greenery and natural formations! The Three Sisters and Blue Mountains National Parks are just a couple of the treasure troves of trees in the area. Get a whiff of that fresh air and a few Insta-pics while you’re at it. With our Corded phone cases you’ll never miss the moment to snap a picture!

  • Walking Your Dog

A walkabout wouldn’t be complete without your furry friends. Don’t forget to keep your dog leashed and phone strapped up with a phone case with lanyard for boundless movement. Pet-friendly places like the Narrabeen Lagoon Trail or Federation Cliff Walks will make your dogs and camera roll happy. 

  • Seeing Art Galleries and Museums

Apart from remarkable landscapes, museums and galleries in Sydney are a must-see. Hyde Park Barracks and Chau Chak Wing Museum, Art Space, and Art Gallery of NSW are just a few that deserve a spot on your list. Since every corner will be picture-worthy, wear a chic phone chain around instead of bringing out your phone every time.

  • Enjoying Festivals

Annually, Sydney is bursting with festivals that celebrate every aspect of life. Sydney Festivals like the Australian Open, Mardis Gras, and Field Day hold tons of sports, music, dance, and theater performances. Our Crossbody phone cases will allow you to dance, jump, and bounce from one place to another without worrying about breaking it. Plus, it will blend as part of your festival outfit!

  • Grabbing a Cuppa Joe

But first, coffee! The Bills, The Nine, The Well at Bondi–some places coffee lovers can drop by and have a sip to get that much-needed dose of caffeine between all the walking and shopping. These places have chill vibes and a caffeinated cup for you to continue your journey around the city.

  • Getting a Bondi Bikini Body

Beaches are already an experience in itself, but what makes it more special is conditioning your body for it! Run to some nifty gyms and yoga studios like F45, Cass Pass, BUF Bondi, Lean Bean Fitness with your Lululemon yoga outfit and Louve phone case with a strap!

  • Lounging on the Beach

It’s hard to skip this item on this list because Sydney is home to the most magnificent beaches in the world. You wouldn’t mind spending your free time taking it easy under the sun. Don’t forget to pack sunscreen and, of course, the most convenient and protective phone accessories.

  • Visiting Icebergs

Situated along the shore of Bondi Beach is the most photographed pool in the world! All you have to bring is a towel and a handy wearable phone case which can already be used for payment. You wouldn’t want to miss out on literally the coolest place in Sydney.

Picture-Perfect Moments

You’re going to need a look to match the bright and beautiful landscapes the city offers. A chic phone lanyard or funky smartphone charm or wristlet will not only keep your style to T, but you are also keeping your hands free! Unlock the hidden gems of Sydney, but do not forget to unlock your phone and document your experience!

Gift Ideas for People Attached to Their Phones

Gift Ideas for People Attached to Their Phones

‘Tis the season of secret Santas, white elephants, kris kringles, stocking stuffers, and filling up the space under the tree! You know, when the holidays roll in, it’s time to get busy shopping for presents. Year after year of making a list and checking it twice, it’s easy to run out of ideas. 

Luckily, you do not need to rack your brains hard when it comes to people who seem to be always attached to their phones—which may make up most of your list—because you know it would be smart to get them something for their phones. We’ve rounded up some mobile phone-related gifts that will surely be a hit!

For the Fashionista

Mobile phones have evolved from being a mere functional gadget to a full-blown fashion accessory. Every person has a phone in their hand or tucked away in an accessible pocket or bag. But, for your fashionista friend, their phone is part of their outfit! 

A pearl chain is a fashionable phone accessory that helps your bud keep their phones close while still looking their absolute best. Pearls are a classic, and it’s a style that your fashion-loving friend will surely be able to put to good use. Get access to the entire collection of elegant pearl phone chains here.

For the Glamorous One

Glamour and gadgets are not always in the same sentence. But, this uncanny duo makes a great team when it comes to corded smartphones. For that person in your life who’s always blinged out and made up, it can be frustrating to carry a phone that cramps one’s style. 

Imagine their delight when they open a present that solves this problem! A gold mobile chain will amplify their glamorous wardrobe or even dress up their casual fits with a touch of gold. Get fancy bling even when on a budget here.

For the One on the Move

There’s at least one multitasker in your life that eats, sleeps and breathes with their mobiles. But when pockets aren’t available, and bags aren’t an option, they’re left balancing six-inch phones in between their fingers. Give them the gift of safety and style! 

The perfect smartphone case for everyday wear is the best gift for your go-getter friend: an active belt. A phone case crossbody hangs perfectly around their frame like a bag is so convenient that you’ll also want to get one yourself. 

For the style icon

Do you have a style-conscious friend that wouldn’t be caught dead with mismatched accessories? Well, a set is your best bet. Selections like the mega bundles will give them more options to mix and match the colour, so it meshes well with their outfit. From the smart case to the mobile chain, it keeps their phone in place and their style in check. Have fun checking out these multifunctional mega bundles here.

For the Cool Kids

Wristlets are on-trend and all the rage in the teen/tween crowd. So, if you have a young (young-at-heart included) mate on the list, a social media-worthy phone wristlet is what you should get! Doubling With beads, colour, sparkle and everything nice, the cool kids will get fired up at this fresh and fun way to carry their phones! Shop the whole wristlet collection here.

Gift Card

A reliable backup plan is always a gift card! When you do not know the phone's specific model or are unsure what style they would prefer, a gift card will still get them tickled pink! There’s nothing like the gift of the whole mobile phone accessory shopping experience.

Give Santa a run for his money because, with this list, you’ll be this year’s Kris Kringle Kween! you know it’s a gift that will indeed survive way past the next Christmas (or at least until they get a new phone!)

Get more gift ideas from Louve Collection here!

5 Phone Cases for Eco-Conscious Women!

5 Phone Cases for Eco-Conscious Women!

Being heavily dependent on your phone compels you to protect and prettify it. Since smartphones are practically part of our outfits (if not bodies), you may feel naked when it does not come with a cell phone case. Mobile phones have turned from being a luxury to being a need. 

The catch is that most phone cases are made from plastic. Because cases always cushion the impact, your mobile’s so-called protector is prone to wear and tear. Aside from this, the fast-paced advancements in technology result in you having a new phone every so often. Of course, this may mean a new phone case every single time. At this point, Mother Earth should be shedding tears at the amount of non-biodegradable plastic strewn over landfills.

If your heart is breaking with our dear planet, you might find that balancing the need for your phone and your love for Earth can be quite the challenge. So how does your phone stay stylish and protected while also being eco-friendly? The answer is easy: beautiful biodegradable phone cases with crossbody cords. 

This list is a must for eco-friendly women who care about the environment and want to stay look stylish, wherever they go! Function, style and sustainability meet, in the world of LOUVE!

Go Back to Basics

When you’re rooting for sustainable products, you’ll find yourself amazed at how basic resources in this world can be so useful and still aesthetically pleasing like these compostable phone cases:

Raw Coconut

Versatile, classy and good for the earth, this off-white stylish phone case will match every item in your closet. If you want an understated corded phone case that you could quickly work your look around, a speckled bio case is a subtle but stunning phone accessory. Its name is a nod to its colour and vibe: fresh, clean, and refreshing. Support raw coconut in every sense of the word! Plus, the compostable phone cover is plant-based, so you are also basically boosting the preservation of the real deal.


Literally on the other side of the spectrum is carbon. Featuring a black and sleek look, this biodegradable phone case with cord will blend seamlessly with any type of look book. Whether bright and bold or simple and straightforward, you can never go wrong with a black phone case. It will not reflect dirt, and it is easy to maintain. This eco-friendly phone cover that’s as dark as the shadow will exactly be your shadow in effect. Bring carbon everywhere minus the pollution!

Be A Little Extra

Extra protection with extra flair is always a great idea. Luckily, this won’t mean extra waste. The following cases have Phone straps to double the defence against cracked screens and shattered phones.

Midnight Sky Active Belt

Specks against pitch-black surfaces mimic the night sky. Those who are always outdoors and on the go will love how easy it is to style and how effortless it is to carry! Pair your sustainable phone case with an active phone belt so you can take it while walking, running, biking, hiking, and more.

Beyond the Blossom with Latte Love Active Belt

A crisp pink phone case with cord, a dainty pop of colour is a trendsetter’s no-fail formula. The combination baby pink & latte love beige is incredibly fresh and pleasant on the eyes. Carry this corded phone case pair everywhere during summer, spring (and all year round) and go frolicking hands-free!

Lilac Sunray with Chain

A chain is already as good as your jewellery. If you are worried that a practical phone accessory such as this will cramp your style, this chain will amplify it! Wear a gold phone chain, cord or lanyard with a lilac phone case because it’s too pretty to keep in your pocket! Bonus points because the biodegradable phone case it doesn’t hurt the environment! 

Love Your Phone—Louve our Planet.

We’re on a mission to bring the most pretty, functional and sustainable phone cases with cords & smartphone accessories. Be an earth warrior without compromising your chic style. Help save the planet, one bio-phone case at a time! See more of these from Louve Collection.

4 Phone Accessories that Make Great Gifts

4 Phone Accessories that Make Great Gifts

And just like that, another year is about to come to a close. We’re in the last quarter of 2021 and that should give you a clue that gift-giving season is just right around the corner! But clue is something you don’t have when it comes to shopping for these said gifts. 

We’re not going to talk about how it’s simply the thought that counts, because, while it is true, we do understand that when it comes to gifts, it’s easy to run out of ideas. So here’s a fool-proof plan: get them fun and functional phone accessories! After all, the chances of you knowing someone without a cellphone is thin.

Our tip for the holiday season: Think practical. Give one well-designed item someone uses often, instead of a bunch of stuff they don’t need!

Since more people rely on their iPhones to survive, you know your practical present will be put to good use. So if you are thinking of a tech-themed gift, the following are some guaranteed crowd-pleasers:

For the bundle of energy or the workout junkie in your life, a phone case intended for moving is a gem for them! A mobile phone strap that functions as a crossbody belt will give them a hands-free experience. They can go hiking, bushwalking or for a walkabout without an ounce of worry about dropping their smartphones. New parents, workaholics, busy bees, and anyone who always has their hands full will appreciate this thought. Even if they aren’t in a shuffle, this is still a fun twist to the usual purse. 

A fashion-forward friend will appreciate the thought behind this dazzling gift. For someone who likes accessorizing as much as they love their phones, nothing says I’m thinking of you like a glittering gold phone chain. It’s something a trendsetter could wear daily because it can match any outfit, for any occasion, whether for day or night! Plus, it can blend beautifully with all their jewelllery. When versatility and functionality merge, it makes for the best gift!


We’ve got the perfect stocking stuffer right here! A smartphone wristlet that they can connect to their unit for extra style and extra protection. It’s an incredibly useful trinket that does not skimp on style. With all the designs and colours to choose from, you’re bound to encounter something that fits your mate’s personality. Get them a set: a phone case with strap or add a separate mobile wristband if their phone model is incompatible with what’s available. It’s a versatile and nifty gift that can also be used cleverly for other gadgets and gizmos!



When all else fails, this is a no-fail gift! If you are pressed for time and cannot peep the phone model they’re using or are unsure of their taste in phone accessories, a gift card will solve all your worries. This way, they can freely buy their corded phone case of choice––courtesy of you! Simply choose the denomination and send them a gift of a swift shopping spree.


A Gift that Keeps on Giving

If gifting a new phone is out of the question, get them the next best thing! Corded smartphone cases top this generation’s list of must-haves, and you can never have too many of them. Our customisable phone accessories will brighten anyone’s day. These pretty and practical presents will be a smash hit for any occasion, celebration, or ‘just because’ moments!

More than the pleasure of giving and receiving, browsing this superb phone accessories collection makes the experience all the more worthwhile. No doubt you’ll also enjoy looking at Louve’s collections and might find it a challenge not to get one for yourself. See them for yourself here!

The Most Stylish Phone Accessories and Phone Cases for the Elderly

The Most Stylish Phone Accessories and Phone Cases for the Elderly

Seniors are becoming more tech-savvy due to their desire to stay connected with loved ones. Technological innovations have allowed seniors to get their news online with just a few clicks. Seniors now appreciate the utility and importance of their smartphones; hence it’s commonplace in this day and age for seniors to own the latest smartphone models. Smartphones also help seniors gain access to medical help and assistance and enable them to do more things on their own. 

Smartphones have indeed become an important part of a senior’s daily life. To fully optimise the use of their smartphones, seniors need a few essentials integrated into their smartphone experience. If you are a senior or if you have a senior loved one, here are a few smartphone accessories and enhancements that you may want to seriously consider adding onto your smartphone use. 

  • Enlarged Screen Display

Visual acuity issues are common among seniors. Ageing brings about reduced sharpness of vision, so it’s not surprising to hear about seniors complaining about the text display on their smartphones blurry or too small to read. What you need to do is to change the screen size display on their phones. For iPhones, simply go to settings and adjust the display, brightness and display zoom options. Enlarging the iPhone texts and icons will help seniors read messages and view images on their smartphones. 

  • Save Favourite and Emergency Contacts 

To make it easier for a senior loved one to communicate with their nearest and dearest, we highly recommend configuring their favourite contact list. In this way, your senior parent or grandparent will be able to get a hold of you and other important contacts whenever they need or please. Open the Phone app and select Favourites. Simply tap the + icon located at the top left corner of the screen to bring the full list of his or her contacts. Choose all important contacts of your senior loved one and let him or her know how to access them with a few simple taps on the screen. 

  • Download Important and Commonly Used Apps

One of the most common complaints among seniors is their inability to optimise the use of their smartphones. Not only are these devices for communicating with their loved ones, but are a crucial tool for safety, medical, emergency, and entertainment purposes. Download messaging and social media apps that will be helpful in connecting with family and friends. There are many useful apps that will help them manage their day-to-day activities such as medication reminder apps, Facebook app and messenger, Skype, Zoom, online pharmacy shops, blood pressure monitoring app, dictation app, personal safety app, and other entertainment apps. You may also download games that are popular among seniors such as words with friends, bingo, and many more. 

  • Enable Siri

Siri is an extremely useful tool for seniors who have vision problems. This tool will enable them to use their phones by simple speech commands; hence making their search experience easier and faster, too. You can teach your senior loved one the most common commands for Siri such as calling, messaging, and FaceTime. 

To enable Siri, simply open the iPhone settings then tap Siri and Search. Press Listen for “Hey Siri” and ask your parent or grandparent to respond to a few commands. This is a procedure needed so that the smartphone will grow accustomed to his or her voice. After this, teach your senior loved one how to activate Siri via voice command. 

Another alternative is Amazon’s Alexa that can be installed on Amazon devices. Alexa is just as helpful as Siri in enabling them to accomplish day-to-day tasks. Another voice-enabled tool that you can install for seniors is Amazon Echo, a smart speaker that can play music, create lists, and turn on and off smart-enabled appliances around the house. 

  • Customize your phone with Useful Smartphone Accessories

The right type of accessories can make smartphones more senior friendly. For instance, a phone grip will make it easier for them to hold onto their phones, while a durable phone case can help protect their phones from accident slip and fall. With a smartphone corded holder, seniors can easily access their phone with style. 

Here are a few elegant phone cords that are extremely popular among seniors:

  • Midnight Sky phone cord consists of a built-in phone case with crossbody phone cord. Instead of carrying a bulk bag with them, seniors can simply wear this phone accessory like a phone necklace or phone bag. This eco-friendly phone cord is made from eco-friendly and biodegradable materials and an adjustable phone belt that can be detached when not in use. Seniors can wear the Midnight Sky in two ways, making it a stylish accessory to wear for casual and even formal occasions. The metal hooks are secured in place easily, so you don’t have to worry about complicated set-ups or installations. The phone belt can be adjusted based on the comfort level of its users. 

  • Fresh Cotton “Oh My Orchid'' Phone Cord features both elegant aesthetic and functionality among its users. It’s a wearable phone accessory made from sustainable materials and a detachable phone strap, so seniors don’t have to worry about accidentally losing or dropping their phones. You can choose from a wide range of colour rope and pattern to suit your style and personality. The Oh My Orchid Phone Cord also includes a sleek phone cover that gives your phone a non-slipper finish. 

  • Bergamot Pearl Phone Chain is perfect for social seniors. If your loved one is always out attending events or simply visiting loved ones, this phone chain with pearls will add much class and elegance to their look. The pearl phone chain is made from exquisite Off-white faux pearls that are perfect when wearing a dress for formal occasions.  This simple and inexpensive accessory will definitely elevate their wardrobe while ensuring that their smartphones are within reach at all times.


Louve Collection is committed to keeping the young and the old keep up with technology through fashionable and functional smartphone accessories. Check out our fun and dazzling phone cords, phone cases, and phone accessories here. For other enquiries, you may send us your message at

4 Reasons Why Mums Need a Corded Phone Case?

4 Reasons Why Mums Need a Corded Phone Case?

So, what are the best corded phone cases for mums? For a phone case with cord to be mum-approved, it needs to meet the following criteria:

  • Durability

Mums are always on-the-go. They need a phone case with a phone lanyard that allows them to keep their hands free and accomplish things without having to worry about their smartphones. By carrying their phones - using a crossbody phone strap, they can go about their day knowing their trusty phones are well protected from the elements and always accessible whenever they need to use their device. 

  • Size

Mums detest anything that is bulky or makes them uncomfortable while doing their work or chores at home. They need a sleek phone case that they can easily wear or bring with them. 

  • Handling

A phone cord or strap that allows mums to access their phone with one-hand will always win over simple or flashy phone cases. Mums need a phone case that will allow them to multitask. 

A crossbody phone cord or chain is an innovative accessory that’s ideal for mum’s. The style, ease of use, safety, and functional features of Louve phone cords are excellent to say the least. By combining aesthetics and function, Louve empowers mothers to accomplish day-to-day tasks knowing their valuable smartphones are always within their reach. 

If you are a mum still using the same old boring case for your phone, here are five reasons why you should consider making a switch to our stylish and functional phones at Louve.

  • Optimal Convenience with Easy Access Feature

Carrying your phone cord necklace style, or around your body or waist makes for an organised and convenient way of life. Whether you are a working mum or stay-at-home mum, you are living a fast-paced lifestyle. If you have many things on your mind, the last thing that you want to think about is where you last placed your phone. A phone cord is useful for mums as it makes your phone a wearable device that will always be close to you wherever you go. For mums, time is always of the essence. The last thing that you want is to waste time rummaging through your bag looking for your phone to make an important call or text message. 

With this simple yet stylish Divine Dots phone case and cord combo, you’ll have easy access to your phone on demand. You save time and avoid the unnecessary stress of looking for your phone again. 

  • Lightweight Feature 

With a phone strap like the Beyond the Blossom Phone Case and Latte Active Belt, you can do everything that you want to do without having to carry a heavy or bulky bag with you. If you’re an active mum who likes to workout outdoors, hike, or run with friends and family, this is the perfect phone cord for you. The phone chain is made from durable materials, so you can expect to use this handy phone cord for years to come. The case is made from a biodegradable, eco-friendly and compostable material, assisting you in your efforts of reducing your carbon footprint. The biodegradable phone cases are also 100% shock absorbent, so you don’t have to worry about accidental drops when you’re working out or hiking on rugged terrain. Louve offers phone cases and cords in various colours and designs, so you can mix and match your phone strap or wristlet to your outfit and use your corded phone for outdoor activities!

  • Safe and Secure At All Times

Phone theft is still prevalent in this day and age. For instance, the latest iPhone and Android phones are always a target among thieves. It’s easy for thieves to steal your phone when you keep them inside your bag or leave them out in the open when dining outdoors. To eliminate the chance for theft, wearing your phone is the best solution available. A phone case with adjustable cord allows you to keep your mobile device away from sneaky thieves, ensuring your safety and the security of your personal information stored inside your phone.  

The Classic Clear Phone Case with Bisque Beige Phone Lanyard can be worn crossbody or around your neck. You can easily adjust the phone lanyard to your ideal length. The clear phone case is simple yet stylish and is made from superior quality TPU material. Keep your phone safe and your personal details, including emergency contacts, bank details, and passwords safe by including this simple yet highly useful lanyard around a part of your daily outfit.

  • Keep Your device Away from Children

Children are tech-savvy these days. So, while they may not have their own phones, they still know how to use them and will do their very best to take away from your possession. Although most kids just want to use phones for entertainment and gaming purposes, their small hands may end up dropping or accidentally misplacing your phone. Worse-case scenario is that constant tinkering of your phone by your children can result in deletion of important files on your phone. 

You can avoid all these simply by using a phone case with cord. The Louve Midnight Sky Phone Case with Double Fairy Phone Leash is a funky phone accessory to wear whether you’re at home or outdoors. The phone case comes in various models ranging from iPhone 7 to the latest iPhone 12 Pro Max as well as cases for the latest Samsung Android smartphones. The phone case is made from compostable plastic that offers 360-degree protection and is fully shock absorbent, so your phone stays safe and intact even after an accident falls.

Now that the Holiday season is coming up, we highly recommend giving her a superior-quality and beautiful phone case and cord from Louve. Check out the latest phone accessories here or you may also contact us on for additional enquiries.

Fashion Meets Function: Top 4 Favourite Phone Accessories

Fashion Meets Function: Top 4 Favourite Phone Accessories

Does your phone top the list of 'things you cannot leave the house without? You are not alone -  countless other people treat their phones as an extension of their limbs. With this, the need to protect and maximise one’s smartphone has become second nature. And for many, this means a fabulous excuse to express one’s taste and personality. 

Phone cases and phone accessories have evolved from being purely practical to being a full-blown fashion statement. These days, it’s easy to customise your phone. However, your phone needs more than just a pretty accessory. One must strike the perfect balance between functionality and style. 

Dress up your device with these cool and convenient customer-favourite phone accessories:

  • Wing it with a Phone Wristlet

A phone case with a cord has revolutionized the way people carry their phones. As units get lighter and thinner, the risk of a shattered phone rises. However, this innovation allows the mobile user to dodge the bullet even after the phone slips from their hand. 


With a Phone wristlet, you’ll get double the protection through a phone wristband you can wrap around your wrist. Choose from a multitude of designs that could match your phone case or even your entire outfit! It's like wearing a funky beaded phone bracelet or a sturdy bungee cord for your mobile! 


  • Stay Classy with a Pearl Cord

In terms of fashion accessories, pearls are the epitome of timeless elegance. The classic design has made its way to the tech department as pearl phone cords become all the rage for their effortless style and safety. A phone chain with pearls can serve as your phone's handle to mimic a purse so you can go hands-free. Plus, it'll instantly make any clothing you throw on so much classier!

  • Live for Lilac Colour

There's a reason why these muted pastel colours, especially the pale purple hue, are making rounds in the fashion world. Lilac is a colour that is so light and easy on the eyes that it makes even a buzzing phone look calming. Go colour-coordinating with a lilac phone case lanyard in the same colour family. It's the perfect spring to summer shade to add a pretty pop of colour! It's a breath of fresh air amidst all your stern-looking gadgets and gizmos.

  • Be Responsible with Biodegradable

If fashionable and functional simply won't cut it, let's add eco-friendly into the mix! People go through multiple phone cases made of plastic, all in the name of fashion. Luckily, trendsetters are making more environmentally responsible choices, starting with their most-used accessories. If you are the type who always needs a new phone case, wander down the sustainable accessories aisle. Recycling is the name of the game, and Louve is a top player with its vast collection of biodegradable phone cases, like this raw coconut vegan phone case. Now, you can dress to impress, minus the guilt!

Grab these Cult-Favorite Pieces

Want a phone case that works as hard as you do? Even when your clothing does not have pockets, lugging your mobile everywhere is a must! We've got the solution for those who are always on the go. If you constantly need both hands to survive your active lifestyle, these products are for you. You never have to leave your phone on the table or fumble around with your cell always in hand. This way, you can keep your mobile phone close to your body at all times–all while looking très chic!

Attachable, detachable, wristlets, phone case crossbody, neutrals, bright colours–there's a myriad of phone case styles to choose from, and there's bound to be something that meshes with your look. Jump on the trend and support this fun fusion of fashion and function!

Shop phone accessory essentials at ​​Louve now!

We Bet You Didn't Know a Louve Carrier Can Do This!

We Bet You Didn't Know a Louve Carrier Can Do This!

Perhaps you have heard of the new trend this 2021 - Crossbody corded phone cases. If you haven’t heard of this, then it’s high time you check it out!

Louve Collection offers various types of phone cases with changeable phone cords that can spark your interest.

Now, let’s talk about the things you probably don’t know about our phone accessories.

  • Make your Outfit Standout

You can style your phone as a part of your outfit with our customisable phone accessories: Pick any colour phone case and personalise your device with removable phone cords and funky phone wristlets. Our lightweight transparent smartphone case with a crossbody phone leash makes your outfit stand out! With different styles available, you can mix and match different phone cord styles that can make heads turn when you walk by! Our styles are perfect to add a feminine and unique touch to your everyday look. Pick any colour smartphone case and choose any style cord, wristband, lanyard or chain for an instant upgrade to your outfit!


  • Keep your hands free and your cell phone safe

Our adjustable phone cords allow you to carry your smartphone around your body. You can multi-task and do something else while keeping your phone within reach. A hands-free solution for your phone!

If you are an active person, then this phone case is for you! You can hit the gym, exercise outdoors and run at the park without the hassle of bringing a bulky bag or holding your phone in your hands. 

For those who want to have their phones within reach. For those who want to walk - and talk at the same time. For those who are always searching for their phones. Louve carrier is the hands-free solution for modern multitaskers!


  • Customise Your Phone

We are more than just a phone case. 

Our phones are a big part of us. So why not personalise your device with custom phone accessories? Louve makes it possible to adorn our smartphone with pretty designs and gadgets. The perfect way to combine style with functionality. Customise your phone according to your style and taste. With Louve Collection’s phone accessory collections, you can mix and match freely whenever you like!


  • Protect the Environment

Protect your smartphone and the environment with our biodegradable phone cases. Our eco-friendly phone cases are designed to not just protect your device, but to also take Mother Nature into consideration. We borrow from Mother Nature and always innovate with her best interests in mind. 

Louve Collection offers compostable phone case bundles for your iPhone, Huawei and Samsung phones (just selected units). We are on a mission to prove that functionality, design and sustainability don’t have to be mutually exclusive. We are about making better things in a better way. Our modular phone cases are suitable for everyone. Check out our pretty and stylish designs from our Pearl Phone cords, Biodegradable bundles, Daily Detacher bundles and Active Belt Bundles.

Black Friday x Cyber Monday Deals - Louve Collection

Black Friday x Cyber Monday Deals - Louve Collection

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are right around the corner! Have you thought about what to get for yourself? A new console? A jewelry item. Or how about a new phone accessory? Think of something new and exciting! You can spice up your current phone’s appearance by personalising your phone case with changeable cords and lanyards. Mix and match your favourite colours and not just assemble your phone case - but pair it with a one-of-a-kind phone leash that will make your smartphone on-the-go, wherever you go.

Why Should You Get a Customisable Phone Case?

How many times have you dropped your phone, making you worry about its safety? We know it happens to everyone. However, you can avoid that from happening by protecting your phone with a corded phone case! 

Having a phone case with cord is beneficial in many ways. 

  • It can significantly increase the lifespan of your phone and protect it against scratches and bumps. 
  • Conveniently carry your phone anytime, anywhere.
  • Keep your hands-free wherever you go.
  • Match your phone to your look.
  • Add an extra spark to your outfit!

Now your device will definitely stand out from the crowd and you will be getting countless compliments!

Why Choose Louve Collection For Your Customised Phone Case? 

Here at Louve Collection, we give you the chance to create your own custom phone case, perfect for protecting your phone and giving your device a stylish and creative look. Not just to make your device look fab but also, you can help mother nature heal by getting our biodegradable phone cases as well!

Are you searching for a unique phone case that will reflect your taste and make you stand out from the crowd? You are in the right place! There is no limit to your creativity here as you can choose from huge sets of combinations from our collection. Customised phone cases are also a great gift for your loved ones! 

Now that Black Friday and Cyber Monday are fast approaching, you can now start scanning from our bundles and choose the best design that suits you and your loved ones. We can guarantee that a gift created by yourself will be a thousand times more meaningful than a regular store-bought case. Let your creativity run wild and make someone (or yourself) happy today with a Louve customisable phone case.


Louve Collection Best Sellers

Find a phone case+cord that represents you best and attach it to your smartphone case. Mix & Match freely, keep your hands free wherever you go by choosing from these collections:

Active Belt Collection:



Golden Chain Collection:


Daily Detacher Collection:


Pearl Collection:


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Protect your phone & our planet with our Vegan phone accessories & Biodegradable phone cases!

Meet the Biodegradable Louve Carrier, our 100% compostable phone cases.

We have always wanted to bring out a smartphone case that can be fully recycled. Now that the material technology exists to offer a 100% vegan / biodegradable phone cover - we are so excited to launch our very own. 

The eco-friendly and recyclable phone cases are engineered with high-tensile material to protect your phone from drops or scratches.   

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We are on a mission to prove that functionality, design & sustainability don’t have to be mutually exclusive. We aim to make better products in a better way, and we are just getting started! 

Yeah, our smartphone cases protect your phone. But check these facts for how they are even better: 

  • 40% less water usage
  • 65% less waste production
  • 20% carbon missions


We borrow from Mother Nature and always strive to innovate our collections with her best interests in mind. Therefore our Biodegradable & Vegan phone cases are made from PLA, a plant based and compostable bio plastic.  



We want to provide our customers with an unboxing experience that isn’t tarnished by excessive amounts of non-recyclable plastic. Therefore our packaging is custom-made, recyclable, sustainable and eco-friendly! 

Join our newsletter and start making a difference today. Leave a better footprint, with Louve!  

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Check our full collection of Biodegradable smartphone cases here!

What is a Louve Carrier / Phone Case with Cord?

What is a Louve Carrier / Phone Case with Cord?

Styling your phone accessories with your outfit and carrying your phone around your body.. What is it about this new trend, that everybody is so excited about? What can you do with a phone cord and why Is it so useful and functional? Here, we’ll tell you why…

Basic phone case with adjustable crossbody phone cord that you can easily click on and off.

The Louve Carrier is a basic phone case with adjustable crossbody cord that you can easily click on and off. We used simple designs to create highly functional yet eye-catching phone accessories, the perfect gadgets for your daily life. The high protection phone cases with straps will allow you to keep your hands free during your daily activities.
Whether you feel like dressing up, working out or keeping things casual, we offer cords for every occasion. Find strap that best represents you and attach it to your phone case for a statement piece that you can rock every day. Mix and match freely, whenever and wherever you go! 

Smartphone cover with adjustable lanyard strap that is functional yet stylish for your phone
The phone case with cord allows you to hang your smartphone around your neck or shoulder. You'll always have your device within reach. Thanks to the adjustable cord design, that allows you to wear your phone crossbody, like a bag. Or in front of you, like a necklace lanyard. In our wide assortment of smartphone cases and cords you can truly find exactly what you're looking for. 
Discover our full range of phone cases with adjustable crossbody straps for iPhone and Samsung now!