As small business owners we keep the environment in our minds when making business decisions and choosing our materials & packaging. We always strive for a positive environmental impact. We'd love to offer sustainable options in our collection - but we also want to deliver the most durable and best quality available.

We tried and tested eco-friendly materials for our phone cases in the past, but unfortunately the Eco-friendly / Biodegradable material that is offered in the market is not very durable and gets damaged much sooner then the material we're currently using: TPU. Therefore we've decided to only offer high-quality protection and longevity for our product offerings - phone cases with a custom base that will last for years. Your phone is your most used and most precious item, we want to make sure they're protected and that the cases are lasting for a very long time. We've tested our phone cases for over three years now, and they're even tested against drops of + 5m.  

When used correctly and thoughtfully, Tpu and the environment can live in happy harmony. Our products have a far longer lifetime and are much lighter than most other cases. This winds up contributing to fuel economy and saves up to 40% on distribution fuel costs and transport pollution. And therefore less emissions. Tpu can be recycled at the end of use, typically for a maximum of six times.

TPU stands for ‘Thermoplastic Polyurethane’ and is often referred to as the bridge between rubbers and plastics. The material is very elastic, flexible, and smooth to the touch, but at the same time, it is extremely durable and strong. TPU offers high wear resistance. It's flexible across a wide range of temperatures and resistant to abrasion, oil, chemical and wear, which makes it perfect for use for phone cases. 
The safety / protection, resilience, strength and durability (reduction of excessive waste) have been the main reasons for us to use this material. 

Our Luxury packaging is completely eco-friendly, we use Biodegradable satchells and paper boxes (see image below). And we're in the sample process for recycled nylon straps and recycled plastic phone cases in the future. 

As a small business we are working towards offering high quality, long lasting, durable and sustainable products. The TPU cases we offer are at this moment the most durable and high-protective option at this moment - and for people's most used item: their phones. 


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