Flashback to the onset of the third millennium when all the cool girls had blinged-up flip phones—it was during this era that we knew that phones weren’t simply a device, it can also be a fashion statement.

As writer-actress Vanna Bonta puts it, “Style of the future is the convergence of fashion and function.” The concept of bedazzled phones has been on for a while and the fact that phones are part of fashion remains. With phones being attached to our bodies more often than actual clothes these days, the balance becomes more fundamental than ever! 

The following phone accessories gave a little bit more thought to design and take function into a great deal while keeping the fashion bar up high. If you are a full-fledged fashion girl who loves practical pieces, you’ll appreciate this list:

Stylish Phone Cases

Sleek, understated, and high-quality phone cases are the backbone of any techy-chic outfit. Something subtle that doesn’t distract from your look but complements it nonetheless! Choose black, pink or clear for easy matching. On the other hand, add a hint of hue for extra oomph, like beige or green!

Pearl Chains

A Pearls phone chain is synonymous with class and elegance. It’s the tried-and-true phone accessory for instantly glamming up your look! A phone case with pearl charm, string or cord is what style icons swear by. Audrey Hepburn, Coco Chanel, Princess Diana, and a lot more are seen wearing a stack of pearls around their necks, wrists, or even on top of their heads! So, it makes perfect sense to incorporate pearls into your daily looks with a Pearl phone cord or lanyard made of the ocean’s jewels. Attach your phone with pearl phone cords that go around your neck, wrist, or body. Convenience is classy! 

Keychains, Suction Plates and Popsockets

For the fashion girl who always has a phone in hand to capture life’s greatest moments, might as well make it match your outfit! With accessories that are on-fleek and a phone that’s consistently on your wrists and not on the ground, a  classic smartphone keychain or a popsocket and suction plate will surely speak to any sartorial soul. Whether it’s a pop of colour for a bare phone or an addition to your stack, let your fingers be intertwined with a fashion accessory that also prevents phones from slipping. 

Gold Phone Chain

You can never have too much sparkle! Coordinate your gold jewelry with the thing you hang on to the most: your phone. Gold is such a sophisticated metal that you won’t have trouble pairing it with your most casual outfits or even your most formal ones! It’s a no-fail option whether you go for a gold phone cord to help you go hands-free or a gold phone wristlet for extra safety and style. With our high-quality gold-toned & gold-plated phone chain for your iphone, you can upgrade any simple and casual outfit.

Boho Phone Cords

If you want a quick pause from all the sparkle, and love a more bohemian look,  a Ibiza boho phone cord. This Bohemia and gypsy styled phone strap will work for fashion girls who love going to festivals. After all, why go for mundane phone accessories when you can have them match your yoga mat, festival outfit, or Bohemian outfit?  A boho phone cord is perfect for the summer, visiting cities, concerts, parties and whatever the next event a true gypsy fashion girl is off to next!

The Fusion of Phone x Fashion Accessories 

Like what you see? Well, you’ve got an eye for style! Get your fashion fix and smartphone accessory needs with Louve’s collection of pretty and practical phone cases with changeable cords. Our phone cords and wristlets come in multiple styles, you can mix & match whenever you like. It’s your phone’s safety and your personal style bundled up in one!


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