At this moment, which of these items is closest to you? Your wallet, keys, or mobile phone? Almost all of you are most likely closest to your phone. This gadget has been an indispensable part of our daily lives. It’s hard to part from it as it’s a highly useful device that offers you convenience, entertainment, news, and almost everything that you need under the sun. Its absence quickly induces you into a panic. So, how can you make sure that it’s safe, secure, and in your person at all times? 

There are many ways to keep your smartphone as close to you as possible. You can place it in your pocket or your bag. But did you know that you can wear your phone like a mini phone bag as well? As mobile phones are crucial items in our daily life, it’s not surprising that there are accessories that allow us to wear our phones crossbody or as a phone necklace. Products like phone cases and phone cords have made it easy to gain access to your mobile phone within seconds. 

Bear in mind that phone cases aren’t just functional. They can be stylish too! In this guide, let’s take a look at how you can accessorise your outfit with stylish cords and phone cases. 

Match the Design of your Phone Case and Cord with the Type of Occasion 

The underlying principle for pairing your smartphone case and cord with your clothes is to have the formality of the former fit the formality of the latter. To understand how you can style your outfits with your phone accessories, it’s important to bear in mind that there are different types of cases and cords that exist. 

For Formal Events and Special Occasions

A gold phone chain has a formal appeal to them. While they are highly versatile, they are generally suitable to be paired with more formal wear, including suits and dresses. For instance, this Gaia Gold-Plated Phone Wristlet can be nicely paired with a cocktail party dress. The colour of the phone case will depend on the colour and overall aesthetic of your dress. Gold looks exquisite when paired with brightly coloured dresses or suits. You can choose a clear phone case if you want to keep it simple or choose a black phone case for an elegant finish. This Le Café Noir Black Phone is perfect for black-tie events, red carpet events, or any occasion that requires a certain dress code.

Gaia Gold-Plated Phone Wristlet

Le Café Noir Black Phone

For Business Events and Corporate Meetings

If you work in a corporation that requires wearing business wear daily, go with a simple yet sophisticated phone cord and case combo. This pearl phone chain with pink phone case is perfect for everyday business wear. Pearl complements all types of fabrics and colours, so you will never go wrong with this selection. The neutral colour of the dust phone case also complements a wide spectrum of hues. It’s an exciting accessory to hold on to or place around your neck jumping from one meeting to the next. 

pearl phone chain with pink phone case

Casual Wear

If you like to dress sharp yet casually, give this combination a try! Le Café Noir Phone Case attached to a Tulum Green Phone Cord will look great when paired with a relaxed button-down shirt, a pair of khakis or dark denim, and a sport coat during sunny or cloudy weather. 

Le Café Noir Phone Case attached to a Tulum Green Phone Cord

For dates, this Classic Clear Phone Case attached to a Wonder Rose Pink Phone Case will look cute and stylish when paired with a plain dress, a romper, or a colourful blouse and denim skirt. 

Classic Clear Phone Case attached to a Wonder Rose Pink Phone Case

On the other hand, if you’re a rugged dresser or you are always outdoors, we highly recommend the Le Café Noir Black Phone Case and Latte Love Nude Active Phone Belt. The belt is adjustable, so you can adjust the straps to your desired length. You can wear it across the chest or hang it around your neck like a necklace. 

Le Café Noir Black Phone Case and Latte Love Nude Active Phone Belt

Another great option for casual wear is this Dusty Pink Phone Case and Summer Santorini Phone Cord if you’re off to a picnic or a fine day at the beach!


The great thing about phone cases and phone straps, cords and charms is that they are interchangeable. You can purchase a phone case and add multiple cords, wristlets, lanyards and straps in your desired colours and mix and match them as you please. There are many combinations that you can try when you have all chord types and coloured phone cases at your fingertips. You can coordinate your phone with the colour of your dress or match the type of cord to use according to your activities. 

If you want to check out a wide selection of superior-quality and stylish accessories for your phone, check out our impressive selection here at Louve Collection. We have phone cords and phone cords for iOS and Android smartphones. Whether you use the latest iPhone 13 Pro Max or Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra phone, you can rest assured that Louve Collection has a stylish and competitively priced phone case + cord combo for you!

June 22, 2022 — Louve Collection

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