Handy gifts for the handiest man you know! For the men who always try to pick up our slack, a faulty faucet, a loose light bulb, a flat tire; they seem to have it all under control—except maybe their own stuff! 

When was the last time you saw your dad or husband carry around a murse? It’s usually a rare occasion or they’re a rare breed! Anything that he can’t carry is usually handed out to mom, who in turn, is usually the one with a ginormous bag. Dads want practical presents and for most, pockets are enough to stash anything they need to carry. 

For this upcoming Father’s Day, give the dad in your life the gift of convenience. A mobile phone and a wallet are two of the things he cannot live without. So, here are some phone accessory ideas that could save him the space in his patch!

Classic Clear Case + Active Belt

Classic Clear Case + Active Belt - louve collection

For fathers who are stylish and cannot be bothered to match their phone case with their outfits, go for a classic clear phone case with lanyard that goes with anything. They are no-nonsense phone accessories that value functionality, quality and it has a sleek style as well. 

The twist? It comes with a phone cord that they can swing around their necks or shoulders. Easy to carry so that their precious phones won’t slip from their all-too-tight-and-shallow pants pockets. It also comes in colours that fit hits (short) list of wardrobe palettes. No matter if dad is in a spiffy suit, or his everyday wear, he won’t have to worry about where his phone goes or if it’s clashing.

Daily Detacher Case + Cord

Similarly, this style is a phone case and strap combination that dads will surely appreciate but it goes around the body instead of just the neck. Consider a mobile cord for the dad who’s always on the go or on another adventure! Hiking, running, fishing, golfing, working out and whatever activity he is up to, he’ll bring around this combination everywhere—especially if it’s from you!

Make sure you pick a compatible pair to maximize its features. Phone cords are fully adjustable and feature a seamless clip-on system. Thus, even if they don’t use it together, he doesn’t have to switch cases. It goes beyond the hands-free experience! It’s a gift that keeps on giving.

Daily Detacher Case + Cord - louve collection

E-Gift Card

Can’t seem to decide which phone accessory to pick? Take the safest choice and get him an e-gift card! Nothing is more exciting than giving him the freedom to choose whatever he likes from Louve Collection. From colours to style, he’ll be able to choose something that suits his needs. You can never go wrong with this one! 

Matchy-Matchy with the First Man in Your Life!

Probably the best thing about this list is the opportunity to match with your father! It isn’t as common as mother-daughter outfits so grab this once-in-a-blue-moon chance to share something with your dad. With a unisex collection, you’ll want to get your hands on everything yourself! Have a ball mixing and matching cases, cords, and belts for your father, husband, brother, uncle, godfather, or whoever you consider a father figure. They will truly appreciate a significant and special present in the form of customizable phone accessories.

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June 17, 2022 — Louve Collection

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