We wear different outfits for different activities and special occasions. So, why not dress our smartphones according to our style too? As customisation has become an integral part of expressing ourselves, the need for personalised phone accessories has been on the rise as well. You can express your personal aesthetic and style with your choice of mobile phone case. Give your attire a cohesive look by including your phone accessories when styling for special occasions and events. 

Why Change Your Phone Case or add a changeable phone cord to your case?

We need to make a switch to a more flexible approach to protecting our phones. Using one corded phone case from Day 1 is practical for various reasons. Imagine going to a fancy party carrying a your phone with you like a mini-phone bag. Wouldn’t it make life so much easier, not having to wear pockets or carry a bag around at the event.. You would even make a great first impression with a beautiful gold phone chain, wouldn’t you? Your phone should be well protected from the elements. Mixing phone strap styles is easy,  using another mobile phone string for every occasion is not only practical but a style statement, too. 

Better User Experience

Swapping mobile phone cases & cords around ensures a  better user experience. For instance, if you are attending a wedding, dressing up your wedding outfit with a phone case attached to a pearl phone chain or gold phone cord will look perfect when paired with a sleek cocktail dress. On the other hand, if you are going on a hike, you will need to slip your smartphone into a more sturdy phone case attached to a durable phone cord or active phone belt. This will allow you free movement and maximum protection to your phone. 

Chic and Casual Hanging phone cases

What constitutes everyday casualness differs from person to person, but in general most of us aren’t taking our phones to dangerous places for work. For everyday use, you can pair up your mobile phone with a phone case and Lanyard colour of your liking. Smartphone cases that feature cool, popping or pastel colours are not only elegant but appropriate for office use. And if you want the added convenience, why not attach it to an adjustable phone cord. Our Stringed Phone Cases and phone cords come in multiple styles, patterns and colours.  A phone cord will allow you to keep your hands free and prevent you from leaving your smartphone at random places. You don’t need a heavy-duty, commercial-grade phone case that is not necessary for daily office use, so don’t waste your money purchasing them. 

Rugged and Sporty Phone Cases

If you are an outdoorsy type of person, you’ll appreciate heavy-duty phone cases with a strong phone belt. After a long day at work, you can simply swap from your casual case for a rugged and sturdy phone case. Typically, phone cases for the active lifestyle are made from a shell made from durable materials. There are even some phone cases made from industrial-grade plastic or metal with superior shock-absorbing qualities. So, whether you prefer carrying your phone on a mountain climbing weekend or a treacherous bike ride up a mountain, outfitting your phone in a case well suited for the rugged terrain is a must.  

Waterproof Phone Cases on a String

How cute is it to pair your itsy-bitsy biking with a sleek and sexy phone case that matches its colour? While there’s not much that covers us at the beach, your phone on the other hand requires optimum protection from water, sun, sand, and other elements. Even a rugged case can’t protect your phone in a beach setting. You need a corded phone case that can safeguard your mobile phone from moisture and corrosion. And while many phones are waterproof, they aren’t safe from the corrosion caused by saltwater. Dress up your phone in a transparent phone case attached to a waterproof cord. Cords can be adjusted based on your preference. Wear it short around your neck, so water doesn’t reach it easily or wear it long and across the body if you’re merely walking along the beach. 

How Many Phone Cases + Cords Do You Really Need? 

The number and type of cases and straps you need will depend on your lifestyle. If you’re an active person, you may need two or more cases to accommodate them accordingly. You need one for daily use, of course, one case that offers maximum protection, and a fancy case for special occasions. And since phone cases and cords are inexpensive, you can always buy as many as you want, and switch based on your mood. 

Don’t buy on a whim! Make sound purchasing decisions by looking at your wardrobe, too. Your personal style will dictate the type of case you need to buy. Make sure to buy phone cases from a reputable manufacturer. Don’t buy just because they’re inexpensive, or you’ll end up spending more money than you originally planned. If you want to check out trendy mobile phone cases and cords, check out the impressive collection at Louve Collection. Whether you need an elegant Phone case with pearl chain, a colourful corded phone case or the more rugged phone cases, we have it all. If you have other enquiries about the availability of our products, email us at info@collectionlouve.com

June 09, 2022 — Louve Collection

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