We all love our Phone Cases. Its utility knows no bounds. From sending out emails, drafting documents to paying bills. It’s an indispensable mobile device that makes our lives easier. It goes without saying that due to its importance in our daily activities, we need to take all measures to protect our smartphones from damage, breakage, loss, and theft. And there’s nothing wrong with adding a bit of style and customization along the way. Let’s look at some of the best smartphone accessories and ways on how to customize them to our preferences. 

Third-Party Smartphone Accessories

In a perfect world, first-party or original phone accessories are the best! But looking at the prices of these items, it’s not surprising why many consumers prefer third-party smartphone accessories. In most cases, third-party accessories are of better quality than OEM accessories. Lastly, third-party smartphone accessories manufacturers have greater insight on what consumers need. They come out with more innovative products that phone manufacturers fail to see. Lastly, third-party accessories allow for greater customisation. For instance, smartphone cords are easily customisable and phone cases can be mixed and matched with phone cords in different styles and colours. 

To date, third-party accessories manufacturers dominate the phone accessories market, with new products being released regularly. While not all third-party manufacturers offer quality products, reputable companies have also emerged. Louve Collection is a phone accessory company that specialises in smartphone cases with cords, phone lanyards, changeable phone straps, wristlets & charms and pearl phone chains. In terms of quality, they offer best-in-class phone cords that are durable, stylish, and cost-effective. 

Tips when Buying Customised Smartphone Accessories from Third-Party Companies

  • Read user-submitted reviews. Knowing feedback from actual users who have tried the products you’re interested in will help you decide whether it is a worthwhile purchase or not. 
  • Look through the terms and conditions of a company before purchasing a corded phone case or other mobile phone accessory. Specifically, check out their policy on returns and refunds to ensure that your rights are protected as a consumer. 

Top Accessories to Personalise your Smartphone Accessories


The phone Popsocket emerged in 2014 by David Barnett. This highly functional product does two things: it makes holding onto your phone easier and prop your phone if you wish to watch videos and other forms of content. The popsocket is a cute smartphone accessory to own and secures your phone in your hands at all times. There are many companies that have come out with their own popsockets, so you can choose from a wide range of colours, styles and designs. 

Smartphone Case Wallets

This smartphone Wallet case is highly versatile in that it can be used to store your phone, cash, and cards. This Phone Wallet Case is very useful and compact, so you can simply bring your phone everywhere you go without worrying about leaving your wallet at home. Smartphone wallets come in various colours and styles. We are even launching a fashion luxury line, with cell phone wallets, made from premium leather, vegan leather and other fabrics. 

Bluetooth Speaker

If you want to expand the utility of your smartphone, it’s best to purchase a separate speaker that you can connect via Bluetooth. This allows you to bring entertainment wherever you go. High-powered speakers feature excellent clarity and volume despite their small size. 

Car Dashboard Mount 

For a safe and hands-free driving experience, purchase a car dashboard mount where you can secure your phone case with cord. This accessory is also a great spot, so you can easily listen to music or your navigational system. You can cut down your risk of getting into a vehicular accident simply by having a dashboard mount in place, as it refrains you from using your phone while driving. 

Phone Cords and Straps

Life can get so busy that we misplace and forget where we put our valuables. How many times have you forgotten where you placed your mobile phone? With a phone cord or phone necklace, you don’t have to be away from your phone ever again. You can wear your phone case around your neck or across your chest like a crossbody phone bag. You can access your phone whenever needed without having to hold onto it all the time. Phone cords and straps come in many colours and styles. You can mix & match styles as often as you like. There are phone lanyards designed for outdoor adventures, sleek phone cords made from faux pearls, Phone wristlets & smartphone bracelets or gold phone chains for special occasions, and simple yet stylish phone cords for daily use.


Phone Cases

A phone case is a must-have if you purchased a new phone. It’s the first mobile phone accessory to buy as it serves to protect your phone from external factors, such as dirt, dust, moisture, and many more. A phone case with changeable cord also ensures that your phone looks brand-new, thus preserving its market value. Our smartphone cases are made from high-quality and durable materials. These phone cases bring durability and style.

For more stylish customised phone accessories, check out the impressive collection at LOUVE Collection. If you have additional enquiries, contact Louve Collection today. 

June 03, 2022 — Louve Collection

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