Mother’s Day is just around the corner. For all their sacrifices, hard work, and inspiration, it’s only right to spoil them on this very special day. And just like everyone else, mothers are just as obsessed with their phones. Who could blame them? It’s a useful device that allows them to accomplish their tasks faster and more efficiently. 

Smartphone accessories are excellent gift ideas for Mother’s Day. Here you can find stylish, fashionable and functional phone accessories that will keep their phones trendy and make their lives easier as they juggle activities. 

UV Smartphone Sanitiser

In the daily life of every mum, there’s always something to do. From doing their jobs to cleaning the house, cooking, grocery shopping, taking care of the kids, work and more. They’re always in contact with someone or something for that matter. To keep them away from harm, gift her with the phone sanitiser. Regular alcohol or disinfectant isn’t enough to keep the germ away. With a smartphone sanitiser all they need to do is place their phones on the mobile device and it will eliminate 99% of all bacteria. Just imagine the time savings and peace of mind a mother can enjoy with a smartphone sanitiser on hand. 


Mothers are in constant movement, juggling everything; from changing diapers, cooking meals, picking up the children, and more. They need product innovations that can help them become more organised while staying on top of things. Attaching a popsocket at the back portion of the smartphone will help in securing the phone on your mum’s hand while trying to take care of everything else. Popsockets come in many colours, styles and designs. You can even customise a phone popsocket with your mum’s initials, favourite quote, or even a family photo!

Mobile Phone Holder

For busy mums whose main job is to take care of the children, surely have a lot on their plate. Keeping the children entertained is also one of their main duties. To help them with this chore, give your mum, wife, sister, or female friend a mobile phone holder. A mobile phone holder with outfitted stands will prop the mobile phone, so that they can use it to play their favourite or movies on, ensuring quiet and peace of mind, especially when they bring them during errands.

Smartphone Case with Cord or Lanyard

A Corded smartphone case is a handy accessory that all mums need. They need a smartphone case for protection: to ensure that their phones are in good condition even after accidental falls and drops from an elevated place. High-quality smartphone cases are made from quality materials and withstand any type of abuse. For eco-conscious mums, the smartphone cases from LOUVE Collection are your best bet. They are inarguably durable and made from biodegradable materials. This means that they can change phone cases as often as they want without increasing their carbon footprint. LOUVE Collection also offers gift cards, so they can choose the colour phone case, option phone cord, strap or wristlet and add other phone accessories that they desire. 

Smartphone Case with Cord or Lanyard - louve collection

Leather Mobile Phone Covers

A leather mobile phone cover protects the front and back-end portion of a smartphone. This formal mobile case is usually outfitted with slots inside for other essentials such as calling cards, credit cards, and cash. Apart from protecting the phone from occasional drops and scratches, a quality mobile cover also helps in providing a good grip on the phone if it has a slipper body. 

Power Banks

Mums can be extremely busy all day that they may forget to charge their phones. A power bank will allow your loved ones to charge their phones even when not at home. Depending on the power bank model in less than an hour. There are also power banks that are outfitted with several slots for other types of devices. There are even models that can charge a laptop. This convenient gadget will save them time and ensure that their phones are always on, ensuring you can always call them for important matters and vice versa. 

A Colourful Smartphone Charm

Add a little style to your mums daily outfit and phone case, by gifting her a  colourful smartphone charm such as these colourful suction plates. Embellish her phone, so she can carry her phone as a multi-functional device and look fabulous wherever she goes!

Smartphone Cord / Lanyard

A smartphone cord is a stylish accessory that is meant for mums on the go. This eliminates their need to bring bags or wear trousers with pockets, as they can simply wear their smartphones around their necks or across the chest. Louve Collection has an extensive range of phone cords made from different materials. From pearl phone cords, funky phone wristlets and charms, to gold-plated phone chains, your selection is boundless. Phone cords and straps can easily be attached to our phone cases, too. Louve Collection offers phone cases with attachments that ensure easy and fast connection to different colours and styles phone cords. 

Louve Collection offers a wide range of phone cords and smartphone cases in various colours, designs, and styles. Whether you own an iPhone or an Android phone, there’s a phone cord and mobile phone case that suits your taste and budget at Louve Collection. If you have enquiries about the availability of our products, simply send us a note on your website.
May 25, 2022 — Louve Collection

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