Here are Reasons Why A Wearable Phone Case is the Best Travel Accessory

Does your phone really need a corded phone case? If you’ve switched phones more than two times just because they accidentally slipped off your hands, then the answer is a resounding YES! Imagine thousands of dollars in savings by purchasing a simple yet useful phone accessory such as a phone case with strap or lanyard.. 

Don’t take your chance yet again and make the mistake of not dressing your smartphone with a useful phone accessory like a phone cord. If you are worried about style, corded phone cases from LOUVE Collection now come in a variety of materials and designs that accommodate the different taste of modern men and women. Let’s look at the other benefits of having a corded phone case and why it’s a must have for people who love to travel!

Keeps Resale Value Intact

Selling your old phone to offset the cost of a new one is a great way to help others while helping yourself, too! Old doesn’t mean it’s not working anymore, especially when it is in good condition. People who style their outfits with phone accessories like minimalistic yet elegant corded phone cases are able to sell them at a good price. Why? Because wearable & corded phone cases protect their phones, making them look brand new despite their years of service. 

emily in paris pearl phone chain and phone case

Additional Insurance

Even if you were able to buy your phone with insurance, there’s nothing wrong with adding another layer of protection. A corded phone case is more important for those who do not have insurance upon purchase. So, either way, you really need a crossbody phone strap or cord to ensure that you don’t lose it or go through the trouble of applying for a replacement. It makes your life as a smartphone user simpler and easier in the long run. 

Absorbs Shock and Impact

We’ve all had those days when our heads are in a fog and nothing seems to be working well, including our hands. And all it takes is one second of carelessness for your mobile phone to crash violently against the pavement. While those days are inevitable, you can also rest easy knowing that your smartphone wouldn’t be a disaster when you pick it up from the ground.  Using a phone case with a changeable cord will save you from heartbreak and another costly phone purchase. Louve Collection’s corded phone cases are made from superior-quality TPU material that can protect your mobile phone against hard impact. 

Elegant Aesthetics

Smartphone accessory users who are reluctant to dress up their phones in corded phone cases argue that such accessories cover up the sleek and modern design of their devices. Have you ever heard of TPU Phone cases or a clear corded phone case? You can still display the original colour and design of your smartphone while providing it extra protection by using a clear corded phone case. It offers optimum protection and minimal disruption for those who want their phones to look simple and elegant. 

clear corded phone case

Ultimate Accessibility 

One of the major advantages of wearing your phone using a wearable phone accessory is that you gain fast access to your phone whenever you need it. Whether you’re at work waiting for an important call from a client or looking forward to great news from loved ones, you’re sure to get the message right away with a corded phone case wrapped around your neck or across your waist. Even when your phone is on silent, you will still feel it vibrating on your side whenever you receive a call, message, or email notification. You will never have to be the last person to learn about great news with your phone installed if you wear a hands-free phone accessory, like a phone case with strap, phone chain or lanyard.

No Pockets, No Problem!

If you’re not a fan of clothing items with pockets, or if you don’t like to carry a bag around. Then an adjustable corded phone case is the perfect accessory. You can now wear your smartphone like mini phone bag, or as a phone-necklace to match your style. Even when you do have pockets, wearable phone cases or phone bracelets & wristlets are more useful due to their easy access feature. And most of the time, those shallow pockets also contribute to accidentally losing your phone somewhere or being a victim of pickpockets.

adjustable corded phone case

Never Lose Your Phone again!

The majority of the time, losing your phone is 100% your fault. While you cannot help being busy throughout the day, it is your responsibility to know where you place your valuables. As phone theft has greatly declined through the years, the top reason for many consumers making unplanned phone purchases is because they simply forgot where they placed it. It can be frustrating to lose a phone, especially when you have your entire life in it, from contacts, important documents, calendars, and even your private financial information. To avoid this problem altogether, place your phone in a quality corded phone case. You will never have to make an unplanned purchase until your time is up for a phone renewal!

Buying a phone case with matching cord or strap is a no brainer. It’s an indispensable item that goes beyond aesthetics as it ensures easy accessibility, convenience, and protection for you and your phone. If you want to check out modern and sleek corded phone cases, check out the amazing collection at Louve Collection. They offer corded phone cases, smartphone accessories, mini phone-bags, phone case wallets and Smarthone charms & wristlets for all Android, Samsung and iPhone models. For additional enquiries, you may email at


May 16, 2022 — Louve Collection

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