Mobile phone accessories, such as phone cases and phone cords, straps, chains and lanyards are just as important as the devices they are attached to. Phone accessories have evolved through the years. What was once a market that focused on enhancing the look of the exterior of mobiles phones has since transformed into a multi-million-dollar industry that showcases creativity, ingenuity, authenticity and innovation. Mother is the necessity of invention, and some of these inventors focused on developing smartphone accessories to make mobile phones more adaptable to our daily lives.

From power banks, bluetooth earphones, and smartwatches, the mobile accessory market is not showing signs of a slowdown. As we lead a more hectic, busy and connected lifestyle, we are finding more ways to make technology utilisation offer more convenience to us, by accessorising our devices. Due to more distractions, we are more likely to forget where we last placed our mobile phones. Some may forget it’s in their possession and then one minute, you find yourself staring at your mobile phones shattered into pieces. Neglect and clumsiness aside, this would have been prevented if only users give their smartphones the TLC they deserve. Besides, you did save up for months just so you can buy the latest iPhone or Android phone. 

Why do you need phone accessories?

You’ve already invested money on a new smartphone, it wouldn’t cost you a fortune if you put money into making it more adapted to your lifestyle and needs. For the younger generations or even the older ones who recognise the value of hard-earned money, phone accessories are investments, too. They protect your phone and help you get the most bang for the buck. 

Let’s look at some essential phone accessories that you should purchase for a smartphone. 

Phone Case or cover

When Nokia still built the sturdiest of mobile phones, cases were regarded as decoration. They only served one purpose- to showcase your sense of style and hobbies. You instantly knew your roommate adores Hello Kitty from the iconic bright pink ribbon just below the character’s right ear. And to clarify, Sanrio announced that Hello Kitty isn’t a cat but based on an actual little girl from Britain named Kitty White. You knew your brother loves basketball so much, but you know that he looks up to Michael Jordan because his phone case had a Chicago Bulls, 23 jersey logo. Accessorising your phone with phone cases told our own personal stories, and up to this day, the phone case that we choose to use still gives others an insight into a few things that we like or value.

Apart from being wonderful decors, phone cases have evolved into more functional accessories with wearable phone cords, straps and chains!

Whether it’s a basic clear case made from TPU, plastic, or one made from high-tech plastic, mobile phone cases now serve to protect our extremely fragile smartphones. There are even companies that have concentrated their efforts on dominating the market by producing superior-quality phone cases, some of which can cost hundreds of dollars. Quality is the name of the game when it comes to phone cases, especially corded phone cases.

Transparent phone cases are simple and timeless. Some people who simply want to protect their phones from accidental drops and falls prefer a clear phone case. You can still see the beauty of your mobile phone’s design but with an added protection, so you don’t have to change your phone every time you accidentally drop it while running or knock it off the table. 

And there are those that want something attractive and functional. While phone case designs are now more sophisticated, we see phone cases that come in block colours. A black silicone mobile phone case such as Le Café Noir phone case is perfect for those who want to keep their mobile phones looking clean, sleek, and elegant. Women, no matter the age, are drawn to dusty pink phone accessories, like the Pink phone case. It features a sophisticated pink hue that doesn’t look tacky at all. All our phone cases come with matching phone cords and straps, that prevent your phone from falling. Go wild and find the perfect match!


Phone Cords, straps and lanyards

So, now that you have a phone case, wouldn’t it look better if attached to a colour coordinated wearable phone cord? Phone cases with cords are stylish and secure. You’ve probably lost too many smartphones because you were careless. Now that smartphone prices can cost you an arm and a leg, the last thing you want is to purchase a new phone just because your mind has failed you. Never be a victim of unnecessary spending again. 

A crossbody phone cord is the best partner for your phone case. By simply attaching your phone case to a phone cord, you can carry your smartphone virtually everywhere without worrying that you’ve left it somewhere else. Your phone doesn’t have to be glued to your hands at all times. With a phone cord, you can keep your hands free and rest assured that your smartphone is always nearby and available whenever you need it. 

While complementing colours are the most popular way of mixing and matching your crossbody phone case with cord, you can go as sophisticated or as loud as you want with combinations. A clear phone case with golden phone chain are elegant and classy while a clear phone case connected to an olive-hued active phone belt breathes rugged and highly durable. The resulting look from mixing and matching phone cases will depend upon you. There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to combinations. You don’t have to stick with colour-coordination combinations. You can go as wild and creative as you want with matching your phone strap to your phone case and outfit. If you think your phone case + cord mix and match looks cool and feels so you, those are the only opinions that matter. 


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Lucia Schurink