Celebrate International Women’s Month with these Ultra Feminine Phone Accessories

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March is women’s month. And while we are familiar with the likes of Malala Yousafzai, Michelle Obama, J.K. Rowling, Margaret Thatcher, Beyonce, Coco Chanel, Oprah Winfrey, Princess Diana, Emma Watson, Grace Kelly, Amelia Earhart, and Mother Teresa, all phenomenal women who contributed greatly to society and proved that women are just as amazing as their counterparts, there’s one name that many of us have forgotten, or sadly, totally unaware of- Hedy Lamarr. 

If you are reading this on your smartphone, then you better give her lots of praise because she made this experience possible. A drop-dead gorgeous woman who graced the silver screen in the first part of the 20th century was a significant contributor to the invention of wireless technology, including Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. It is mobile technology that the feminist movement was prompted and issues that surround women were displayed more effectively. Body positivity, upholding women’s rights, and protecting women from prejudices had a platform where all women’s voices are heard. All the opportunities for growth, justice, and freedom of expression, much of this we owe to Hedy Lamarr- a woman who persevered and worked hard to develop technologies that allow women to showcase their beauty, strength, and talents to the entire world. 

This International Women’s Month, let the inspiring story of Hedy Lamarr make you beam with pride that women can excel in the tech industry. Lamarr’s efforts were finally recognised when she was inducted into the National Inventors Hall of Fame in 2014. She was beautiful, she had brains, and she is everything that all women aspire to be. 

And since it’s time for women to celebrate their whole being and their contributions to society, why don’t you get yourself something nice for being an exemplary woman through and through. A corded phone case is a nice little present that you can give yourself or another inspiring woman on International Women’s Month. It’s inexpensive, it’s pretty and functional. What more can you ask for? 

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Why should you get a phone case with cord? 

Only crazy people don’t protect their smartphones by not putting them into a phone case. You can count daredevils, thrill seekers, and filthy rich people as crazy people for wasting precious money on a new phone every time they accidentally or intentionally drop them. But as the majority of the world’s population do not fall under this category, you really should make purchasing a corded phone case a priority. 

Just imagine the amount of hassle and stress you can avoid by buying an phone case with strap as opposed to purchasing a $1,000 smartphone. Adding a phone case with cord to your mobile phone makes perfect sense. Here are more reasons that should motivate women to upgrade their phone accessory game sooner than later. 



Phones these days aren’t built like they used to

Despite the immense power, speed, and technology that lies deep inside your phones, their exterior is either too thin, too light, or both. Nokia built sturdy phones that never broke however hard they hit the floor. They were indestructible. Fast forward to 2022, and the trend prevails that those light and thin smartphones are the best. This is one of the weaknesses of modern phones. Placing your mobile phone into a beautiful phone case will provide extra bulk so that your phone does not break or bend. If you attach a colourful and changeable phone cord to your case, you can prevent your smartphone from falling and you can carry your phone with you like a smartphone mini-bag!

You do not have phone insurance

While most save up to purchase their coveted smartphone, a lot of us do not think ahead. Money savings doesn’t mean skimping on monthly phone insurance payments. If you’re too late to get yourself phone insurance, a more affordable means of gaining peace of mind is placing your phone case in a phone case. Phone cases come in various colours and designs. This simple yet nice-looking phone case with cord is perfect for those who love pastels. Whether you have an iPhone 11 or the latest iPhone 13 Pro Max, this phone case with strap will bring a little excitement to the overall look of your mobile phone.

Nobody wants scratches

The majority of phones manufactured in the past decade are made with fragile materials, such as glass or thin sheets of metal and plastic. With no added reinforcements, smartphone frames can easily be scratched. Unless you place your phone in a sturdy phone case and install a tempered glass on its surface, your smartphone isn’t protected from scratches, dents, and major damages. In order to keep your device looking new and flawless, installing a phone case is of utmost importance. For instance, this coral chic phone case with matching phone cord, or attached to a long pearl phone chain showcases femininity that will never go out of style. 

Whether you take your phone everywhere you go or you need to ensure that your phone lasts until your next contract renewal, it’s best to place your phone in a case and attach it to a cord for added security and convenience, too. Take a look at Louve Collection’s wide range of phone cases and cords that are designed for the modern woman. If you have questions, you may also contact us by filling out the form here. 

April 28, 2022 — Lucia Schurink

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