People’s choices are often related to personalities, especially when it comes to style. We all have different personalities. Nowadays, whether we admit it or not, our smartphones are always glued to us, and things are just very different without them. Crossbody phone cases & Smartphones have become one of the most important things people own. Most likely, we try to design our phones up to date as we do, and the choice of phone cases or the way people style their phones to their outfits tells about your overall personality.

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The importance of smartphones with cords & straps to our lives has become high, and we tend to keep our phones safe or at least have them close to us all the time. We are responsible for keeping our important stuff safe, after all. Most of the time, protecting our smartphones comes in style. Whether you keep it simple or fancy, protecting your smartphones comes in a style you prefer.

Who can deny people these days consider not just the quality of the phone cover but also the design of the case and the phone cord? None! As a matter of fact, a lot of people have more than just one phone case or phone cover for their phones, but more and more people will add a matching cord to their phones as well. In this way you can carry your device like a mini phone bag and you can mix & match phone cord styles as often as you like. That is how much emphasis people put on the phone cases styles.

Protection for your phone is the primary factor people go for custom or modular phone cases and covers with phone straps. You’re purchasing phone cases with cords for a reason – to protect your phone and to have a functional phone accessory by hand. But styles also play a huge role in picking the phone case + strap of your choice.


You are a sport-loving person. You are always outdoors, always on the go, and most likely drop or hit your phone at some point. You are very much prone to breaking your phone. Your choice of phone cases is definitely influenced by the things you enjoy doing. 

A sporty person would most likely choose a black phone case with matching strap or an active iPhone belt or lanyard to carry their phones. They most likely will go for the sporty phone strap type depending on the kind of sports you play. 

Le Cafe Noir Black Phone case - Louve collection


You always check your phone for time and appointments. You are always busy, but you also must look elegant, and so does your phone. Choose an elegant-looking crossbody phone case. Your phone choice should be top-notch, but the right phone case with strap or lanyard would make it even better. 

You miss flights being a fathom. You never drop your phone with our Gold-plated phone chain. Your email is loaded with emails and has lots of notifications to horrify you. You are organized and logical. You keep your belongings safe. You want to have it hands-free while sticking to your style. 

Do you think looks don’t matter? Think again… our Gold-toned Phone chain is the most elegant solution for your phone. 


You always check for flights and destinations. You are always full of excitement, but more often than not, excitement always gets us to forget things before we hit the road. Having a trusted phone case and cord that is top quality is the first thing you should consider.

A wearable phone case with an active belt allows you to never miss a moment to snap a photo of things you want to highlight during your trip and the last thing you want is to search for your phone in a moment you might not have again. You will always have your smartphone by hand if you carry your phone around you like a mini-bag or necklace-style. 

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You need a phone case with strap just because…

In general, you NEED a phone case with matching cord or strap. And we think that you know that. Even if you are not a sporty person, an executive or a traveler, phone protection plus style always come first when choosing customisable phone accessories. And, having a stylish phone case and a fancy-looking cord that suits your style makes it easier to snap a photo or two of yourself. 

Louve Collection offers a wide range of changeable phone cords and functional smartphone cases in various colors, designs, and styles. Whether you own an iPhone or a Samsung phone, there’s a custom phone cord and phone case that suits your taste and budget at Louve Collection. Enquire and get your wearable phone case today!

July 13, 2022 — Louve Collection

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