We have gathered the most effective tips and tricks to help you better improve the care and maintenance of your smartphone device. While it’s relatively easy to switch phones in this day and age, it’s always best to keep your phone protected for as long as you can. Apart from retaining its resale value, extending the life of your mean means you can keep valuable information safely stored in one place. Finally, why replace when something isn’t broken? You can save hundreds of dollars and from the nasty headache of having to switch to a new mobile device. 

  • Make It Top Priority to Protect the Phone Screen 

Accidents with your phone are inevitable. One second, you’re happily tapping away at your smartphone, and out of nowhere it slips out of your hand and shatters loudly against the ground. The worst part is that the screen breaks. All you have left is a malfunctioning phone with a shattered glass turning on and off. Depending on the extent of damage, replacing the screen of a mobile phone is more costly than replacing the unit altogether. 

You can avoid costly repairs and replacements by investing in a quality screen protector. There is no shortage of screen protectors these days. They are made from various materials, from a thin plastic film to tempered glass that can withstand any accidental falls. 

While plastic is inarguably cheaper, experts recommend investing in tempered glass as it adds a layer of protection to your phone. Plastic may not provide enough protection when your phone falls at greater heights. On the other hand, a tempered glass screen protector is more durable; thus, it can easily handle the impact from nastier accident slips. 

Additionally, when a screen protector breaks or chips, you can easily replace them right away since they are rather inexpensive as opposed to replacing the original screen component of your phone with a new one. 

  • A Phone Case with matching phone cord is a Must 

Besides the screen, it is also imperative to protect your smartphone’s body. You worked hard to buy the latest iPhone, Samsung or Huawei. The last thing you want is for it to incur damage. A phone case is essential, especially for those with a little bit of clumsiness in them. Additionally, scratches can still happen on your phone even among the most organised and careful individuals. 

Dressing up your phone with a Corded phone case such as this sturdy and stylish Le Café Noir Black Phone Case will reduce the chances of internal damage, which can influence your phone’s overall performance. Did you know that repeated hits on certain parts of your phone can lead to technical issues? By protecting your phone with a durable case, you not only protect it from scratches, dents, and dings, but also uphold its internal components, too.  

Le Cafe Noir Black Phone case - Louve collection

Phone cases come in various colours, shapes, and designs. We offer phone cases in multiple colors like, Beige, Pink, black, green and a transparent phone case.  If you are looking for an all-rounder smartphone case. This Louve Collection Classic Clear Phone Case is for you. This is ideal for mobile phone owners who prefer to display the original aesthetic of their mobile devices. Clear phone cases are typically made from hard plastic or silicone. 

A phone strap or smartphone leash is this the most functional phone accessory. A phone strap allows you to keep your hands free and carry your device like a mini phone bag. You can also wear your smartphone necklace style, so you’ll always have your device within reach whenever you need it. Our phone cords, chains and wristlets come in multiple colors and styles. Our modular phone cases are custom designed and allow you to click a phone cord onto the bottom of the cases. The phone straps are changeable and adjustable in length. Most people purchase multiple style phone cords, so they can switch them around and have a matching phone cord or smartphone lanyard for every occasion. 

  • Wait Until Your Phone is Fully Charged

One bad habit that many people have developed is unplugging their smartphones even before they are fully charged. You can always use your phone while charging so there’s no reason to disrupt the charging process. 

It’s also not recommended to wait until your phone is almost empty. You must charge it once it falls below 10%, or better yet, charge your phone whenever you see an opportunity to do so. Ideally, your phone’s charge should always be between 45%-75% percent. It is also a bad habit to charge your phone overnight. 

Carry your charger anywhere you go. If you own an iPhone, you should never make the mistake of charging it with a charger that you primarily use to charge your iPad. It is important to bear in mind that chargers are designed for specific devices. An iPad charger may be unable to charge your iPhone fast enough. 

  • Always Protect your Data

Don’t be clumsy with your phone. It’s literally your lifeline. Securing your phone with a password and apps with yet another password will fortify its security, ensuring personal information remains private. If you misplace and lose your phone, all pertinent information, including videos and pictures will be taken away from you. And if it falls into the hands of unscrupulous individuals, you may end up losing money or have your personal information shared with the public. 

To reduce the risk of losing your phone, experts highly recommend using a phone cord. A phone such as this Louve Collection Bisque Beige Phone Lanyard easily connects with a phone case. You can wear your phone around your neck or across your chest. Phone cords come in various designs, so there are cords made for formal events such as this stunning Pearl Phone Wristlet or this Gaia Gold-Plated Phone Wristlet


Protecting and extending the life of your smartphone is no rocket science. Just follow these useful tips and purchase these stylish and inexpensive accessories and your phone will be guaranteed years of optimal functionality. 

July 20, 2022 — Louve Collection

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