If you were asked which of your possessions is closest to you right now?

Most likely, the answer is your smartphone.

You can do most things through your phone now, including pay for things, so you almost don’t need a wallet at all. The phone is in your hand and in your field of vision all day long. They became the things we never want to be separated from. From telling time, and sources of news, to being connected and staying connected, smartphones have easily become the most useful thing to us. It makes sense why we grab a phone case or two just to protect our phones. A phone cover is just like a house for a mobile phone. Just as a house protects humans from all sorts of damage and dirt, a phone cover does the same.

We have all had those days where nothing is going our way and, no matter what you do, nothing seems to work the way you want it to, including your hands. When you are stressed, your mobile phone can easily fall out of your hand onto the concrete sidewalk, lying there with its front glass or back glass shattered. This is where smartphone lanyards come in handy, so that, when the phone accidentally falls out of your hand, you will be sure that it won’t be damaged.

There's no doubt that a phone's physical allure draws customers in, and that your phone might just be as important to your personal style as the clothes on your back. This became the very reason why people started designing our crossbody phone cases and pearl phone chains. These stylish crossbody phone cases do not only provide protection, but also style. People now match their outfits with their crossbody phone case, quickly turning the mobile phones into fashion objects.

Your beach experience will never be complete without snapping photos of your trip. Having your crossbody smartphone protected, not only from impact but also from the sand, is a top priority. Having a phone case with strap or lanyard that matches your trip, is going to make everything perfect. Here we have our classic Summer in Santorini Crossbody strap. A very casual, Summer phone strap that should be by your side at all times.

Designs For Every Occasion

It appears like a delicate phone bag, which can match your clothes, suitable for different occasions to carry! The phone chain design is perfect for most of the occasions you plan to join throughout the year! It provides the protection that you need and makes your phone super accessible and fashionable at the same time.

This design does not only provide security, but it can be a great addition to your everyday wardrobe! Now that’s what we call being handy!

These corded phone cases will make sure that your phone never leaves your body, if you have a tendency to forget things. These casual smartphone accessories combine a crossbody phone case and a phone string to create a chic hybrid that will equally breathe new life into your ensemble. A highly useful, yet attractive, phone accessory is perfect for you and you can match it with your outfits, too. If you only want to use your crossbody smartphone case at home, remove the phone lanyard. When you're out and about, reattach the cable. Your life will be made simpler with this corded phone cases.

Louve Collection offers a wide range of phone straps, wristlets and smartphone cases in various colors, designs, and styles.

If you own an iPhone, there’s a phone cord and mobile phone case that suits your taste and budget at Louve Collection!

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