With a wide range of phone cases and slings on the market today, choosing the phone harness for personal use can be a bit tricky. Although these phone accessories and smartphone necklaces are relatively inexpensive, it’s always nice to have a dependable smartphone case and phone sling combo that you can use virtually for any setting or occasion. 

If you bought a brand-new white iPhone, your first purchase must be a crossbody phone case or at least a phone harness. Why? Apart from downloading important apps, you need to buy phone accessories that will help you protect your device from the elements. The goal is to find a case with phone string that is both sturdy and stylish. A phone necklace or protective case not only functions as a trusty shield from accidental falls and slips, but they also showcase your sense of style. Are you the type who likes bright colours? Or perhaps you like it elegant and simple? Whatever case you choose, you must follow these tips if you want to end up buying a phone case and string duo that is worth your hard-earned money. 

  • Check for Phone Case Compatibility

The thing with iPhone cases is that they have their unique dimensions and sizes. With so many iPhone models in circulation today, it is important that you purchase one that’s designed specifically for your exact phone model. 

For iPhone 13 alone, there are four variations. This means that you must ensure that the dimensions of the phone case you are buying is compatible with the model you own. You don’t want to end up with an iPhone Pro Max case if you own an iPhone 13 model. If you have older iPhone models, make sure to choose a phone case that features a dedicated hole for the headphone jack. 

  • Check Corded Phone Case Features

After narrowing your phone case & lanyard choices to those compatible with your iPhone model, the next thing that you need to look at are the features. What features do you want your phone case + strap to have? 

Phone cases and lanyards now come in various shapes, sizes, colours, and features. There are phone cases & straps that are outfitted with pockets for cards and cash. There are also cases that feature ridges on both sides for extra grip. Some iPhone cases are also designed with raised corners for added protection during accidental falls. Additional features like these are helpful for different activities and settings. However, if you want to keep it nice and clean opt for the classic phone case styles. 

You don’t want your iPhone to be too loud or underwhelming. You don’t want to grab too much attention, especially when you are in public. The last thing that you want is for your phone to get snatched. iPhone 13 models have high resale value, so they are more likely to get stolen if you aren’t being careful. 

A trusty iphone or samsung accessory that you can connect your phone to is a sling, wristlet or phone cord. This Louve Collection Le Café Noir Black Phone Case + Midnight Sky Black Active Phone Belt is great for outdoor use. Whether you are going out for a day at the beach or at a weekend market, these accessories allow you to gain access to your phone quickly. They are theft-proof too since you can simply wear your phone around your neck or across the chest. 

Le Café Noir Black Phone Case + Midnight Sky Black Active Phone Belt - louve collection

Avoid adding features to your phone that are too bulky or heavy. Practice good habits such as charging your phone before going out or bringing a power bank just in case you run low on the road. 

  • Check the Best Material for your Phone Case and Sling

Phone cases are typically made from various materials. Some of the most common materials used in phone cases include plastic, leather, faux leather, silicone, aramid fibre, carbon fiber, wood, and bamboo, just to name a few. 

Wood or bamboo add an elegant touch to your phone. On the other hand, leather exudes elegance and sophistication. Plastic is the most popular as they provide light to moderate protection, and are rather inexpensive, too. Silicone is by far the most versatile as they provide maximum protection while maintaining its lightweight qualities. Additionally, silicone is less prone to scratch and breakage. 

When it comes to slings or cords, you can choose from thick, rugged cords or delicate faux pearls. You can switch between different cords depending on places or occasions. You can mix and match cases and cords. The colour and style combinations are virtually endless. 

We especially like this Pure Pine Green Phone Case + Lilac Love Phone Cord from Louve Collection. The contrast between these two bold shades will add a bit of whimsy to your outfit. 

If you’re going out on a brunch with friends, this Dusty Pink Phone Case + Pearl Phone Chain will be perfect when matched with a sundress or a little black dress. It's ultrafeminine, so you can easily wear this for special occasions, too!

Dusty Pink Phone Case + Pearl Phone Chain - louve collection

Check out more trendy iPhone cases and slings at Louve Collection. Made from quality materials, you can rest assured of their durability. You can mix and match to create a combination that suits your taste and budget. 

August 05, 2022 — Louve Collection

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