Phone cases are the unsung heroes of every clumsy individual with all-too slippery phone shells. At the sidelines, however, is the trending phone strap. It is unassuming and sometimes awkward but incredibly convenient

Put them together and get the best phone accessories pairing your cell has ever seen. 

The answer is YES

Not to be confused with charging cables, crossbody phone straps hang around your neck, shoulder, or wrist for added protection. It undeniably adds a flair to your look, but its functionality is off the charts. If you have second thoughts about adding a phone lanyard to your collection, just imagine all the cracked screens you’ll dodge. A lot of people have already hopped on the phone case with lanyard trend, and it has easily become their ride-or-die crossbody phone accessory. 

Rough it Out with Active Phone Lanyards

Ain’t no mountain high enough should be a phone lanyard’s anthem because you literally can take it climbing, whether it be an actual mountain or a wall in your gym. Surf the net while literally surfing? Why not? All those with an active lifestyle will appreciate the power of a quality phone case with a strap.

Even though you might be reaching for a crossbody phone strap for its functionality, it doesn’t fall short on the fashion meter. Mobile straps come in different styles, so you don’t have to worry about them cramping your style.

Active Phone Cords - louve collection

Doll Up with Pearl Phone Chains

There’s nothing like a string of pearls to elevate any look. A pearl phone strap is a hybrid of classic and modern style. It is even featured in fashion flicks like Emily in Paris, further embedding its mark in fashion and pop culture.

Pearl Phone Chains - louve collection

Keep it Chic and Casual with Crossbody Phone straps

If you want to tone down the fancy pants yet still add a dash of class, a phone case crossbody is a model-off-duty phone accessory. It wraps around the body like a sling bag for an easy grab when you take mirror selfies and snaps for #foodstagram! A neutral colored phone-strap will match any outfit you own!

 Crossbody Phone Cords - louve collection

Get moving

For the busy bees, goal-getters, and the movers and shakers, a cell phone lanyard strap will serve as your extra pair of hands. When both hands are occupied juggling life’s lemons, your phone case with lanyard is your saving grace. With this, you keep communication close and are always connected. The struggle of digging to the bottom of your purse while you have a coffee cup in one hand and a child holding another is a disaster waiting to happen. With your mobile hanging close to you, you can keep track of your notifications while finding stable footing. 

If you are still on the fence about whether a phone strap is a worthy addition to your phone case, get a detachable one so you can always snap it on and off! You still get complete control of how you want your gadget phone accessories to work for you, but you always have the choice to add that extra safety and style. Get the best protection while primping up your style with a Louve phone case and strap set!

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August 10, 2022 — Louve Collection

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