For those who were born in the 90’s and 2000’s, probably most of you can relate to these stringed phone charms that used to be the trend in phone accessories. From the cutesy butterfly dangling charms to even having it personalised to your own liking. Currently more beaded phone charms are making their way once again. Famous Hollywood personalities have been flaunting them as seen on their social media accounts. Louve Collection has more collections that you will surely love. From gold-plated string chains to the ever-elegant pearl phone chains, it is not just a beauty but also durable and earth-friendly.

Purchasing a stringed phone case is not just for display but also has its functions. Read this article to know why you should get one and for sure you will definitely buy one for yourself.

Stringed Phone Case - louve collection

Beaded Phone Charms

Like other phone accessories, these beaded phone charms are eye-catching but very useful. Gone are the days when it was just a cute decoration on your phone, now it serves as either a bracelet to secure your phone or as a crossbody bag whenever you don’t have a pocket or a bag to put your phone into. These smartphone accessories have a sentimental feeling to them tracing to when flip top phones are a thing.  Phones back then may not have the same function as we have now, but that does not deny the fact that phone charms are really a thing. This rainbow beaded phone wristlet is an example of a funky and classic design. It is colourful which makes it funky and classy because of the gold-toned hardware that makes it secure to whoever wears it. 

 rainbow beaded phone wristlet - louve collection

Nostalgic Feels

Trends from the 90s and early 2000s are coming back nowadays. Remember when you and your friends sew different colours of beads and add charms like a little bell or any trinkets you wish to add to make it more customised. Then the next day everyone in the class will talk about it wishing they have one. Reminiscing about those days, especially after the pandemic, makes you think how simple life is back then, it makes us happy and just very comforting. That’s what these beaded phone charms bring to us, the feeling of just being youthful. They are not just charms but it brings a feeling of contentment and satisfaction just by staring at their colourful designs. It is priceless!

phone wristlets - louve collection

The Accessibility it Brings

Nowadays, most people go for what is accessible. Mobile phones have so many uses, whether it be for work, school, or just for communication purposes. So, looking for phone accessories that are useful is a plus!

One of the main reasons when buying a string phone case is to wear them as a bracelet or a wristlet, this makes you fast access to your phone anytime you need it.

Whether you are waiting for a client call, attending an online class, or just chit-chat with your friends through video calls, these wearable phone accessories are a lifesaver. No need to put them inside your pocket or a bag, just wear them as a wristlet

Some people sometimes forget their phone on the table while heading out, or maybe place it on silent mode, you could have missed a very important meeting.

But, wearing it as a bracelet keeps it handy. You won’t miss a text message or a call when it arrives.

You have a lot of reasons why you should get a stringed phone case. Aside from it being on trend but nostalgic, it brings accessibility to its users. Go and check out Louve Collection’s website for more styles and designs.

August 19, 2022 — Louve Collection

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