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Did someone mention hands-free? The word that makes every product even more appealing. In a world that doesn’t have a pause button, there isn’t really time to shuffle through pandora’s box, a.k.a. your purse. More so, when practically everything you might ever need in life is found in a palm-sized phone.

Thus, we believe there’s no better way to go through life than having a crossbody phone case wrapped around you!

Pack Light with this Phone Case with Crossbody Strap or Lanyard

The primary reason you might purchase a phone case cover is for protection. You shell out a pretty penny for a cell phone, so the phone case you choose will make a difference in preserving your asset. On the other hand, you’d like to attach a phone strap because it adds convenience. When these two merge, they become a powerful tool that people will truly put to good use every day!

Nowadays, smartphones; Samsung’s or iphones take up a significant amount of space in your purse and pocket. A crossbody phone case mimics the form and function of a mini bag minus the bulk and the weight! Sometimes, all you need is your device and nothing else. After all, it can hold your information, cards and everything else you need to get through the day.

A crossbody phone strap can carry your phone as you seize the day! It holds your smartphone for you while you hold everything else. Nothing can get in the way of your goals and fast-paced lifestyle. 

Nifty and Trendy Phone Accessories

Apart from being a bag alternative, a phone case with changeable strap or lanyard can also be a pseudo phone-necklace! Its functionality may be its selling point, but its style is its staying power! The utility should not compromise your passion for fashion! Luckily, you get the best of both worlds with Louve’s stylish crossbody phone straps and matching cases.

You do not see stylish phone chains that are already as good as your fancy jewelry all that often. So, grab a couple of our collection’s most coveted crossbody phone cases before they’re all gone!

crossbody phone straps and matching cases - louve collection

Clear Case + Pearl Phone Chain

You never have too many pearls! Shiny pearl phone beads will elevate any look from basic to elegant. This Clear phone case with pearl phone strap will allow other elements of your look to pop out, while the pearl phone wristlet adds a touch of sparkle! Ears, wrist, and neck — by all means, adorn yourself with nature’s jewels.

crossbody phone case - louve collection

Gold-plated Phone Chain

Nothing beats a classic; gold is always on top of that list. Golden phone accessories always fit the bill, and their sparkle always adds extra pizzazz! Like the hardware to your bag, choosing the right golden details to your phone will make your look seamless and stylish. Who knew you could match and accessorize your phone case with a jewelry piece? This Gold Crossbody Phone Strap a statement piece that you can take with you every day!

Gold-plated Phone Chain - louve collection

Necklaces have been a staple accessory for as long as we can remember. It’s time to get in with the times and blend innovations into time-old styles. Easily clip the mobile ropes to a compatible phone case and take them off when you don’t need them—trinkets like this upgrade a task as simple as carrying a phone like a mini phone-bag!

Check out Louve Collection for a complete selection of crossbody phone cases and changeable phone straps and lanyards.


August 25, 2022 — Louve Collection

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