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Tempered Glass Screen Protector | Two Pack

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24/7 phone screen protectors with 9H hardness, to give your phone maximum protection. The ultra slim and ultra touch tempered glass provides 3D coverage. The thinnest and most advanced protection against knocks and drops. Built to last, crystal clear and protects your screen from damage and scratches. Install your screen protector with ease & dust free, with the easy alignment tool that is included to this package. 

New patent Dust-free space auto alignment, 100% Dust Proof. For a Flawless installation without waste of the screen protector. Maintain Sensistive touch & smooth using experience. Each piece of glass had been tempered at the high temperature furnance for about 3.5-4 hours to reach a hardness of 9H. Anti-fingerprint and Anti-Oil.

* Full Coverage
* Anti Oil Stains
* HD Screen
* Sensitive Response
* Scratch Resistant
* Anti-Fingerprint & Anti-Oil
* Easy to Install

What's Included?

2 Screen Protectors
Installation Tool for flawless & dust proof installation
Cleaning Kit: Dust removal sticker, microfibre cloth, alcohol wipe.

How to use?

1. CLEAN and dry screen with provided cloths.
2. ALIGN new screen protector frame with phone.
3. PULL bottom tab straight out toward you.
4. PRESS on screen protector through top circle and wait a few seconds.
5. SLOWLY slide finger down screen.
6. REMOVE frame from phone.
7. KEEP frame and second protector for future use.