Please be aware:

 ·      LOUVE Phone Straps are not compatible with other brand's phone cases. 
·     You can carry your Phone Case around your neck or body, with the built-in eyelets or accompanying Strap Adapter (for phone case without eyelets).
·    The straps of our two-in-one collection are not compatible to the clear phone case. (with eyelets)
·      All our other phone Straps are compatible to every phone case we offer. 


You can wear your Phone Case around your neck or across your body with our phone cases, because of the built-in eyelets or accompanying Strap Adapter (for phone case without eyelets).



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Our Two-in-One Phone cases are the Phone cases without eyelets. These cases come with a strap adapter. Which means that you’re able to use your phone case separately as a regular case - or clip the phone strap onto your case, so you can hang it around your body.

Connect any of our phone straps to one of our phone cases. For the cases without eyelets, you can attach any strap, thanks to this handy strap adapter / connector:

Crossbody phone case. Smartphone accessories. Phone strap Cross Body. Phone necklace. Phone-Purse. Phone case with wallet


Please make sure to insert the strap adapter correctly into the phone case, with the smooth front of the strap adapter:
Crossbody phone case. Smartphone strap. Custom Phone accessories. Phone Lanyard. Phone-necklace. smartphone bag. cross body phone strap


Two-in-One Straps

Crossbody Phone case. Phone harness. Smartphone strap. Phone-Necklace. Phone-Bag
Our Two-in-One phone straps (straps with Strap adapter attached to them) are only compatible with the Two-in-One (coloured) phone cases.