Never miss the perfect moment to snap photos! We all know how precious a beautiful sunset or random waves of laughter with friends are. We’re all here for those life treasures, even if it’s a snap of your morning coffee! But sometimes it’s hard to capture millisecond moments just because your phone isn’t easy to grab. More importantly, looking for directions can be a huge inconvenience when you don’t have your phone ready.

Well here’s an idea: why don’t you hop on to the crossbody phone case bandwagon? Not so sure? Here’s why.

Carefree and Hands-Free

These two words have practically become synonymous with each other. Escapades, vacays, and travel sprees are more fun when two hands aren’t rummaging in a bottomless tote every so often. However, no one can pass up a perfect photo op, especially if every moment is IG-worthy! 

No one likes that moment when you fall or must go on a roller coaster and must ask someone if they can hold your phone. Plus, punching your destination pin on Google Maps, navigating, and tracking your location is more manageable when your phone is secured and accessible at all times. 

Crossbodies for Cross-Countries

A cell phone case that wraps comfortably around your bust is a must for every wanderlust! Packing light is always challenging because you must squeeze every essential into your luggage or carry-on. Saving even the teeniest bit of space means a lot for a master packer! A crossbody phone case is light, comfortable, and easy to access. It fits every description of what you’re looking for in a mobile accessory. 

Trusty Travel Buddy

Aside from having a space-saving sling, its subtle features are worth flaunting! Safety and protection are a must when travelling, so both phone case and phone strap prevent your phone from going on a slip n slide.

phone case - phone strap - louve collection

You can also tuck your cash between the flap and the phone case, so you don't need to bring an extra wallet with you on those quick runs around town or even far-flung frolics. Who needs a chunky wad of cash when climbing up the traverse across a desert, anyway? It’s like a mini sling bag that proves more worthy of storing your phone than your pesty all-too-shallow pocket!

Moreover, a detachable mobile strap is the ace up of every thrifty girl’s sleeves. Its versatility lets you switch out the crossbody strap not only with a wristlet but with a long adjustable strap, so it works even beyond your adventures. 

This travel essential brings out your fashion potential 

If you think practicality & convenience are all that there is to a crossbody phone case, it also satisfies your sartorial appetite! When airport fashion demands a comfy, compact and chic ensemble, the phone case with a crossbody strap is the cherry on top! Various colours, designs and customizable styles can help you cherry-pick the best one to match your off-duty look. 

You can’t afford to run around the world with run-of-the-mill #OOTDs, right? Feast your eyes on a collection you’d want to bag even when you haven’t planned a trip yet.

Louve’s collection of crossbody phone cases named after the world’s most sought-after travel destination is a must for every holiday hopper! As J.Lo’s hit perfectly sums up our thoughts: “Brazil, Morocco, London to Ibiza, Straight to LA, New York, Vegas to Africa! Dance the night away, live your life and stay young on the floor!” and you can’t do that while holding a drink on the one hand and a phone on the other!

Check out the most stylish and practical crossbody phone cases with Louve Collection!

September 14, 2022 — Louve Collection

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