We’re always down for on-trend and functional phone cases, straps, and cords. With extended hours spent on the phone every day and with so many photos to capture and new places to check out, it’s just reasonably practical to keep your phone not only handy but secured at all times. 

And just when you thought you’d seen all kinds of phone case straps, along comes the Gaia chain! Gaia; a name that means goddess. Such a fitting name for a phone chain that makes you feel like a goddess in control! 

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We can’t think of a better way to carry your phone than with a gold chain that hangs around your neck like a medal to show off. The Gaia chain is a classic example of an essential and modern mobile accessory. It merges two of this generation’s significant influences: technology and fashion. 

We’ve hacked into the perfect formula for the best mobile strap for the modern gal: simple, stylish, strong, and smart! Read and find out:


Understated styles make such an impact. If you’re familiar with the quote: Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication — it is powerfully demonstrated in the clean structure of a phone chain. Its sleek, thin and subtle sparkle makes it an effortless addition to every wardrobe. No matter your style persona, you can never go wrong with simple gold jewellery. Much more when you know that it serves a practical purpose: keeping your phone in check!

Gaia chain - crossbody phone cases - louve collection


This phone chain could save you from the fashion police. Because it practically mimics a necklace, you can get away with hanging your phone around your neck, even in dressy and formal events! Itty-bitty purses that fit nothing but lipstick are things of the past. When pure visual appeal doesn’t cut it anymore, this practical purse alternative is something you should reach out for more often. Elevate even the simplest, most basic outfits with a tinge of golden accents. From your white shirt and jeans combo to your staple little black dress; from vintage pieces to the most contemporary clothing, this 


Protection is one of the primary reasons why you buy phone accessories in the first place. Even though pieces such as the Gaia chain have beauty written all over it, that is not all there is to it! Strong and durable components make up this stunner, so you never have to worry about it snapping mid-selfie! Horror stories of lost phones and cracked screens are usually born out of tight pockets and slippery hands, but all those worries are gone when you have a durable mobile strap to give you peace of mind.


Overall, the wisest choice for modern and practical women is to add a gold mobile chain to their phone case. It is an innovation that everyone should get behind on. Since it is fully customizable and detachable, you always have the option to switch it up with other phone cords, may it be a wristlet or a phone belt or none at all. You can also choose a compatible phone case to go with it, with the freedom to choose which colour! It’s a smart case for your smartphone!

Fashionable and technical are two things you never knew could mesh well together. Phone chains come in different straps, so you can always get the best of both worlds, whether you opt for a classy pearl strap, active belts, casual cords or our crowd-fave, the gold Gaia chain!

Check out more fashion-forward and practical phone case straps. We’re only giving you the most durable and chic pieces at Louve Collection! 

September 21, 2022 — Louve Collection

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