One phone. Limitless possibilities! 
It might sound like an ad for a mobile phone company, but it still rings true for a crossbody phone strap that serves beyond its purpose. Initially, phone cases were made to protect your mobile phone from scratches and other damage. 

Then came crossbody phone cases which took the game up a notch. You’ll never see mobile accessories the same again once you experience the pretty personal touch a phone case + strap brings! Not only does it boast an anti-drop feature, but it is also incredibly versatile. 

Cop a High Protective crossbody smartphone case and play around with the myriad of styles you can do with it! There is a selection of pretty colours to choose from. Get the trusty transparent or fun opaque ones and go from there! With just one case, you can change your phone lanyard depending on your needs, looks, and moods. 

Phone necklace 

Loop around the wrist

A Short Phone Wristlet, Charm or Phone-Bracelet is a popular choice for those who constantly have their phone in their hands. It provides an extra secure mobile phone strap for times your grip fails you. Sometimes a shock-proof case isn’t enough, which is the solution when gravity isn’t on your side. On the flip side, it counts for style since it is genuinely arm candy! It is easily stackable with your other phone-bracelet, making it an arm party. 

Take this pearl phone chain, for instance. It’s a phone-bracelet that also keeps your phone secure, preventing any accidental phone falls. Talk about style and functionality in one! This short pearl phone can be chained to your phone cover. You can add other phone lanyards to customise your phone as desired.

Pearl Phone wristlet

Hang around the neck

Crossbody Phone Bags spice up any look. A phone string or chain with pearls, a dainty gold phone chain, or charms with beads for days — that string around your neck draws attention to your face and brightens up even the plainest articles of clothing. A phone case necklace isn’t just going to look pretty on your neck; it’s pretty functional too! It keeps your phone close to you at all times while also allowing you to go hands-free. 

This Make Me Blush Gold Plated Phone Chain keeps your phone nearby with its removable and adjustable Chain for looping over your head. You can sport it as a necklace or a mini-phone bag and keep your hands free wherever you go!

Gold Phone chain

Throw over the shoulder

As you would wear a shoulder bag, these Crossbody Phone case wallets in genuine pebble leather are another nonchalant way to carry your mobiles. If you aren’t a big bag carrier, you will appreciate the target of a long mobile phone strap. You can easily throw the phone strap over your shoulder as you stroll the streets or settle down on a bench at the park. You can carry your credit cards and money with you, in the wallet attached to the phone case. It’s an unfussy way to add more details to your look without adding more layers or bulk!

Leather phone case wallet

Wrap around the body, crossbody style

Phone cases with crossbody phone straps are incredibly chic! Far too often, with gorgeous dresses, perfectly fitting jeans, tight leggings, jackets lack in the pocket department. The crossbody phone case is your ticket to no-pocket fashion! You can hold everything else with your two hands, shopping bags, a drink, a toddler, even! While still giving you accessibility when you need to answer that call or snap a photo!

Mix and Match

Our favourite game of mix and match is possible with various phone straps to match the array of mobile cases available. Pro tip: you can attach a phone chain or wristlet and a crossbody phone strap simultaneously for optimum usage! If you are a girl who needs to switch things up every time, why not get both? Double the function; Double the fun!

Take your everyday look to the next level with fun changeable phone straps at Louve Collection!

September 28, 2022 — Louve Collection

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