We shell out thousands of dollars on the latest smartphones but when it comes to accessories, we tend to be more conservative as we opt for the most inexpensive cases. Some of us do not even consider buying phone cases due to their added weight and bulk. 

Having a phone case is not an option but a necessity. While smartphones are now more powerful than ever, some of the materials used in their construction are delicate. To ensure that your phone looks and functions optimally, it is crucial to provide it with added protection in the form of phone cases, Crossbody phone cases are the most popular variety as they combine style and functionality. And with the holiday just around the corner, there is no better time than splurging on some crossbody phone cases for personal use. They are also thoughtful gifts to your nearest and dearest. 

The Beauty and Versatility of Holiday Crossbody Phone Cases

Crossbody phone cases such as this Classic Clear Phone Case featuring a Latte Love Nude Active Phone Belt will match every casual outfit in your closet. It’s the best companion when you are out shopping with friends or on a quick trip to the gym. The neutral colour of the belt means you can pair it with virtually any outfit. It won’t take away the glamour of your holiday dress, so you can wear it confidently to any event you plan to attend this holiday season.

Classic Clear Phone Case featuring a Latte Love Nude Active Phone Belt - Louve Colelction

The thick straps of this active phone belt offer many ways to be worn. You can wear it on your shoulder or across the body. Its wide straps ensure optimal security. You will never have to lose your phone again after a fun night of partying with family and friends. 

Protect Your Phone from Accidents and with Luxury Crossbody Phone Cases

One of the most common mobile phone-related problems that we experience is shattered glass screens. This is one of the most painful things to see, especially when you must bear with the cracks and dents while using your phone. While a shortfall may not render your smartphone useless, a shattered LCD screen can reduce the satisfaction of using your phone. A shattered screen can also make it easy to read texts on your mobile phone, thus reducing the satisfaction of using it altogether. 

A shattered glass can mean costly repair, too. If you did not buy insurance together with your phone, it is more likely that you will end up spending hundreds of dollars to replace your shattered screen with a new one. To avoid all these issues, purchasing a superior quality phone case such as this sleek Classic Clear Phone Case paired with Mystique Black Phone Cord is worth the investment. Apart from an elegant clear case, you can also pair this thin but sturdy strap with other coloured-phone cases with a bottom attachment. You can also attach a smaller chain on top of the phone cord, so you can secure your phone in your hand. The clear phone case is made from durable materials and will greatly reduce the risk of the glass screen shattering into small pieces during accidental slips and falls. In fact, this clear phone case can absorb the shock from impact, so your phone will be able to retain its smooth and shiny exterior for months, or even years to come.

Classic Clear Phone Case paired with Mystique Black Phone Cord - louve collection

Ensure your Phone Works Great After Impact 

Due to the busy nature of the holiday season, it’s not surprising that many mobile phone accidents happen around this time. Accidentally knocking off your phone from the dinner table or your phone slipping from your hand due to last-minute shopping sprees are commonplace. To avoid these nasty accidents, accessorise your phone with a crossbody phone case that fits the season. 

This Gaia Gold-Plated Phone Chain is the perfect accessory for the upcoming holidays. It perfectly complements the glitz and glamour of Christmas, not to mention the opulent celebrations you are about to attend throughout the holidays. This gold-plate provides that much-needed elegant finish to a stunning dress that you are planning to wear during an office party or a family reunion. Don’t be fooled by this thin crossbody phone case. The materials are made from 14K gold plating on stainless steel, so you don’t have to worry about rusting, corrosion, or colour fading over time. 

Gaia Gold-Plated Phone Chain - louve collection

The experience that we get from using our smartphones allows us to record the best memories with family and friends. A crossbody phone case will let you snap photos, record unforgettable occasions, and deliver messages of good tidings come Christmas time. If you are looking for an excellent selection of exquisite and top-notch crossbody phone cases for all types of phones, be it an iPhone or Samsung phone, check out Louve Collection. We carry phone cases for all recent iPhone and Samsung phone iterations. For enquiries, you may send them to info@collectionlouve.com.

September 08, 2022 — Louve Collection

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