Forget fancy shoes and designer bags for a sec. Because the accessory we are all showing off wherever we go is our smartphone case! Wearable phone accessories have slowly been making their way onto the runways. Our collection of smartphone covers with removable phone leashes and straps allow you to wear your phone as a trendy fashion accessory! Carry your phone case around your neck, as a phone necklace - wear it over your shoulder or wear your phone crossbody, like a bag. Customise your phone with changeable phone cords and chains. Find the phone case with cord that suits your personality and wear it in whatever way you like!

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1. Wear your smartphone crossbody, like a bag!

On the go for a coastal hike, yoga class or workout at the beach – but you don’t want to take a bag with you? The Louve carrier is the perfect phone accessory for no pockets situations, like walking, jogging, shopping, hiking, running, working out, for moms, travellers, eldery & seniors, , kids, yogi’s, athletes and multi-taskers. Simply for everyone on the move!

Loop the cell phone cord around your body and keep your hands free during your daily activities. Our Custom phone accessories will allow you to keep your phone close with you wherever you go!

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2. Necklace style, like a phone lanyard!

Join the trend by wearing your phone cord around your neck, as a phone necklace. The fashionable way to carry your smartphone with you!

This way of wearing your phone case will give your outfit a fabulous edge. Simply adjust the size of the phone lanyard and carry your phone "upside down”. That way when a call or message comes in, you’re able to pick it up and read it instantly!

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3. Carry your smartphone around your shoulder.

Wearing your smartphone around your shoulder, gives your phone a fashionable and accessible home when you're on the move. Your detachable phone leash will ensure that your phone never leaves your body. Customise your smartphone with changeable phone chains and ropes and make your phone as fashionable as you are!

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4. No strings attached – Wear the Daily Detacher with cord or cordless

 Simply use your phone case as a normal smartphone cover and without the strap, as a regular phone case. The Daily Detacher is a basic phone case with a detachable and changeable phone cord that you can easy snap on and off.

Different from most brand’s offering: we offer smartphone cases with a click on / click off system, which allows you to wear your phone accessory in both ways.

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Pick your favourite color phone case and add any style phone cord or chain to attach to your smartphone. Customise your phone as desired and wear your phone in the way you prefer with our wearable phone accessories!

July 05, 2021 — Lucia Schurink

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