Your cell phone is likely a part of you and goes with you wherever you go. Your smartphone is expensive and you might be looking for ways to make sure it stays with you and is protected at all times. Therefore we would suggest you to use a crossbody phone case, so you will feel comfortable carrying your phone next to you - knowing your device is within reach and you'll be less likely to lose it.

Our customisable phone cases come with a changeable straps in different styles, which you can wear crossbody, like a phone bag or around your neck, as a phone necklace. Our corded phones are the ultimate solution for multi-tasking women!

The LOUVE Carrier is the ideal accessory that will allow you to slow down and focus your mind on more important things. So here are 10 reasons why everyone should have a corded smartphone case:


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1. Our Phone cases with cords are the perfect accessories for outdoor activities! Are you going for coastal walks, hikes, beach walks or city strolls a lot? The LOUVE Carrier is the ultimate accessory for you. You’re now able to carry your device around you like a bag and stroll around while keeping your hands free, whenever and wherever you go! 

Click here to see our Active cords, which are suitable for all your outdoor activities!

2. Scan & pay with your cell phone, and don’t take anything with you except for your new phone accessory —> Now that you’re able to scan & pay with your phone, you don’t even need to bring a wallet while getting your coffee to go. Carry your phone around you, use it to scan and keep your coffee hand free;)!

3. Walking the dog has never been so easy! —> Holding your dog on a leash in one hand, while keeping your other hand free & of course keeping your cell phone nearby. Yes, this is all possible with our customisable phone accessories!

4. No Pockets, no problem! Never bring a bag again. —> Have you also been in the situation where you didn’t have any pockets to keep your phone, but you also didn’t want to bring a bag with you? We have, and literally have been struggling with putting our phone in our bra, or strap of our pant before. Now this is all history. Never misplace or lose your phone again. You can just wear your smartphone around you, without any issues of losing or dropping it. Trust us: This will make your daily life so much easier!

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5. Fashion meets functionality. — Combine fashion with functionality by Mix & Matching your phone cord to your outfit. Our custom phone cases come with a changeable straps in different styles, so you can look fabulous for every occasion.
6. Wear like a normal phone case or including cord. —> Our LOUVE Carrier has a unique design, you can easily click your phone cord on and off, so you can wear your new gadget with or without the strap. Take your phone with you and protect it with only the case - or free your hands and wear it crossbody, while doing your daily activities.

7. Wear your new tech accessories in different ways. —> Wear your corded phone in whatever way you like: around your neck (as a phone necklace), across your body (as a phone bag), around your shoulder, or crossbody. So you always have your phone right where you need it.

8. High protective phone cover —> We offer the best protective iPhone cases & Samsung covers which you’d rather use than to risk damaging your phone and having to pay for a repair. Our LOUVE Carrier has an amazing Design and the hard cover offers Ultimate Protection for your smartphone. Besides that, we are offering biodegradable phone cases that are 100% compostable & recyclable. These vegan phone accessories are cruelty free, so you're not only protecting your phone, but our planet too!

9. Free your hands & simplify your life as a mom. —> We know, having children or a little Baby can be quite a challenge. As a mother you’re trying to complete about 1000 tasks in a day and sometimes even 10 at the same time. With the LOUVE Carrier, losing your phone around the house will be history. Keep your hands free while you are completing your daily housekeeping tasks and keep your smartphone close by you at all times.

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10. Keep your phone handy while working out. —> Going for a workout and you don’t want to bring anything else except for your phone? Just quickly swing the phone lanyard around your body and run to your gym or yoga class. Our LOUVE Carrier keeps your phone handy at the gym or where you do your daily workout.

FUN FACT: Especially for those who are using classpass, you don’t want to bring anything more than only your phone and water bottle. How easy to just carry your phone with you like this?!


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Simplify your life with our phone cases with changeable cords, because soon you can't live without!

August 13, 2021 — Lucia Schurink

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