Every cell phone, no matter how rugged, needs a great phone case to protect it. Smartphones nowadays are not cheap and it’s even more expensive to send your phone into repair. A protective case can help save you time and money, while keeping your phone looking fresh & brand new!

Looking for new cases can be overwhelming if you haven’t decided on what feature you need. What type of smartphone case is better? A soft case, a hard case, a corded phone case, so it looks stylish? Do bulky phone cases really offer better protection, or do they just look stronger? Here’s a quick and straightforward guide on why you need to consider a LOUVE Carrier - a phone case with removable cord. 


High protective

Most probably you’re purchasing phone cases for a reason, to protect your phone.. Telephone screens are vulnerable to shattering, so the most common problem that brings customers to repair shops is shattered glass screens. For ultimate protection for your phone, the Louve phone cases include a lip that rises past the edges of your phone. We offer a hard phone cover made of a shock absorbent material that covers your smartphone’s vulnerable corners. Louve’s phone cases are made of Polypropyleen or PLA, a compostable bioplastic, which both offer 360 degree protection for your phone. Check our Biodegradable phone case options here!

Follow the newest trend of corded phone cases

It’s not only functional, but also fashionable to have a cell phone case with detachable cord. Corded phone cases are the newest fashion trend! Finally, you can style your smartphone to your outfit. Simply click the string to your phone case and wear your phone crossbody like a bag - or like a phone necklace. 


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Keep your hands free

One of the big challenges faced by (women’s) clothing, is that there aren’t a lot of pockets. Most of the time, all we need is a little storage for the essentials such as our smartphone! But if you can’t put your phone in your pocket, where can you put it? With our corded phone cases you’re able to wear your phone with you and keeping it nearby.

The Louve Carrier allows you to keep your hands free while you’re busy doing more important things. Wearing your phone around you, will prevent you from losing your phone. Free your hands while doing your daily activities with your brand new Louve phone case with detachable cord!

The best anti-fall smartphone case

We found the solution for anyone that dropped their phones a million times in their lives. If you carry your smartphone with you in your pockets or hands all day, chances are there that you’ll drop your phone on the floor. Louve is there to solve this problem and help you to keep your phone nearby, without dropping it.  

User friendly for everyone, from seniors to kids!

Everyone nowadays is using smartphones. From kids to elderly people. Louve offers phone cases with adjustable straps, that you can easily click on and off your case. Kids drop things out of their hands all the time. While eldery people have the same issue. Our phone strap simplify the lives of everyone. From young to old!

Best accessory for dog walkers

If you have a dog, you’re forced to leave the house often. Most people hold their dog on a leash in one hand, and their phone in the other hand. The Louve carrier allows you to keep the other hand free, while keeping your phone within reach. Grab your coffee to go, while paying with your phone. Soon you can’t live without!


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The must-have accessory for festivals

Not sure where to put your phone during a festival? The corded phone case is the perfect addition to your festival outfit and helps you avoid losing your phone. This accessory will keep your phone easily accessible at all times.


Stylish – mix and match your outfit to your phone case + strap

Customize your phone to your look with the Louve Carrier. We offer cases with a variety of straps in different colours and prints. There are a ton of them to choose from. The phone cords are easily adjustable and detachable to your smartphone case. The Louve Carrier is a great way to make sure that you look incredibly fashionable, stylish, and well put together. With a great outfit; you’ll need to have a cute accessory to go with it. 


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June 08, 2021 — Lucia Schurink

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