Because it has become a staple in everyday living, many people take their phones for granted. You might even casually toss it to your bed or desk without a second thought!

While most mobile phones are built to be tough and withstanding, it's still essential to protect your phone from external dangers.


There is a myriad of ways to keep your phone in pristine condition. Phone cases with mobile phone straps or lanyards provide extra grip, comfort and safety without affecting their useability — or aesthetic, for that matter! If you need that overall peace of mind, 360-degree protection is always highly recommended.

Here are the most essential types of crossbody smartphone cases that you should get for your beloved everyday buddy asap!

Crossbody Phone Cases

This is one of the most common forms of phone protection, but it is an important investment for people who want to protect their mobile phones. Smartphone Cases & straps come in many different styles, and each offers an extra level of protection.

Whether you are looking for clear phone cases or solid colours, choose one that offers not only the look that you desire but also the durability you need.

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Changeable Phone Chains & Straps

A changeable phone strap protects the phone from being dropped and breaking. The phone strap can also hold the phone in place while you use your hands for different purposes. A phone lanyard is a great way to keep the phone from being lost, but it is also a nifty way to spruce it up!

Phone wristlets, beads, and chains, or other types of phone accessories do not only protect your phone from drops, but they make dazzling alternatives to your usual necklaces and bracelets! Opt for a phone strap that fits your lifestyle need - Do you need a pearl phone wristlet or a crossbody phone lanyard strap? Do you mostly go running or is it for everyday errands? Once you identify what you need, it will be easier to pick the right phone strap.

Screen Protectors

These are available in various sizes and come in either tempered glass or plastic - We stock a 2 pack of tempered glass screen protectors at LOUVE. If you want to dodge the frustration of getting your newly acquired phone scratched or cracked, a screen protector is your best bet.

While tapping away on your screen; you might not notice it wearing away and stripping its durability down to vulnerability. A tempered glass screen protector will protect your phone's screen to a T!

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Final Thoughts

In this modern age, almost everyone has some sort of mobile device, whether an iPhone, Android, or even the complex flip phone hybrid. All three are extra layers of protection for your phone and for your screen.

When dressing up your mobile with a smartphone case, strap, or screen protector, ensure the iPhone is clean and free of any oils or fingerprints. Taking the step to make your device clean allows the products to stick to your phone seamlessly.

Be more intentional the next time you choose your phone accessories. In every collection, you will see stylish pieces that offer high-quality protection. After all, cracked and damaged screens will cramp your style!

Get the right protection at LOUVE Collection. Find iPhone Cases with Straps, crossbody iPhone cases, mobile phone straps, all for the latest iPhone models!

October 19, 2022 — Louve Collection

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