Crossbody Phone cases with changeable straps and lanyards have gone beyond just protecting. While every phone user still needs to keep scratches and bumps away, that's not all they have to offer. Choosing the sleeve to go around your phone is an experience in itself! Mobile cases are an opportunity to express your personality and style through the case you choose.

Some people go for one case to last their phone’s lifetime, but many also like to switch up their mobile accessories to fit their moods and looks! A whole demographic also gets their phone cases customized so they can show off their style and stand out from the crowd, further proving that custom phone cases can make a statement.

A wide variety of mobile cases are available in the market today from silicone to leather ones to having mobile chains or shoulder straps. So, finding one that fulfils your needs and wants is not a challenge. However, there are some styles that people reach out to more often. Here’s the lowdown on the best phone cases of the year, a.k.a the best sellers, the highly recommended and the creme de la creme:

Phone case with strap

  • Lifeproof cases

In this day and age, smartphones are synonymous with life. This is why smartphones deserve something equally innovative. Lifeproof cases are a great way to protect your phone with 360-degree protection. They are waterproof, dirt-proof and shock-proof and an overall great buddy for life! It’s usually lightweight, low maintenance and perfect for busy days and escapades! Go for a durable case with a strap, so it’s doubly perfect for the outdoors!

Crossbody iPhone case

  • Lifestyle cases

An inch away from practicality and a step towards aesthetics! Lifestyle cell phone cases are a feast for the senses. Texture, colour, design and other elements make up the phone case of every millennial and gen Z’s dreams. It can range from sleek minimalist aesthetics to abstract expressionism. It would be like carrying artwork in the palm of your hands — considering that many cases are designed by artists and sartorialists. Lifestyle cases are a breath of fresh air and a chance for creative prowess.

Crossbody phone cases

  • Multifunctional cases

Cell phone cases nowadays are not one-trick ponies. Featuring details that make it more than just a cover for the phone makes it a worthwhile splurge. Having a Phone case that serves more than one purpose makes it the best bang for your buck. We offer 2-in-1 phone cases that can be worn as a normal case or as a crossbody phone case. You can simply attache or detach the phone strap and wear it the way you prefer! These cases are now on Sale, buy one bundle and get one bundle for free! Check out the sale here!

We also offer leather phone cases with a mini wallet attached to the back of the phone case for easier access.. You'll definitely safe time organising and space in your bag! View the leather crossbody phone case here, available in Nappa Leather and Pebble leather.

Leather crossbody phone case with mini wallet

  • Multicoloured cases (and straps)

Multicoloured cases can be classified under lifestyle cases. It may seem trivial, but these cases are popular because they provide visual stimulation, a factor in making people happier! If you don’t fancy multicoloured cases, try straps, chains or wristlets that come in more than just one shade!

Colored phone cases

  • Multitasking

Multitasking is more effortless thanks to phone lanyards, mobile straps, and the like! When juggling life, career and everything in between, phones that weigh a ton can get in the way — but not when you have wearable phone accessories! Carry it conveniently with a wristlet or a lanyard, so you never miss a call or photo opportunity while also allowing you to live life to the fullest! 

Crossbody phone case

Final Thoughts

The “best” is subjective, and what works for you and your mobile might not be the same experience for others! When choosing the right one, you want to make sure you find a case that is functional, stylish, and, most importantly, fits your needs. A mobile case is an accessory that’s also necessary.

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October 26, 2022 — Louve Collection

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