Have you spotted the new Airpod trend? Earpots have become part of the ‘Things You Cannot Leave Home Without’ and sometimes even makes the list of ‘Things You Would Bring on a Deserted Island.’ These teeny beasts can tune out the world and put your music, movies or even meetings in full blast, providing unmatched focus and undivided attention. We will soon be launching a brand new Earpot case with cord, so you can take your corded earbuds with you wherever you go!

Small but Terrible… to Lose!

Earpots are heaven-sent. They offer a convenient way to listen to music, take calls, catch up on audiobooks, and many more. Stuck in traffic? Running on the treadmill? Bored at a coffee shop? Just plug your airpods in your ears and you get to have your own bubble of peace and privacy. The tiny technology has become an indispensable item in everyone’s lives, but it has also become one of the things that you lose the most! Not only does its size make it more vulnerable to being misplaced, but it’s something that most people have, so it’s also common to have them mixed up! Unless you have some sort of marking or engraving to signify it’s yours, it’ll easily get lost in the void of lost and found earpots.

Cute and Convenient Airpod Cases & Earpot Straps

One of the many appeals of earpots is their size. But that also makes them susceptible to being lost or misplaced. Handy dandy earpots are fragile so take the necessary steps to protect these essential (and sometimes expensive) babies. A phone case isn’t the only thing you need, earpot cases with charms & straps also preserve and maintain your technological assets.

Airpot Cases with cords do the job. The hard or soft airpot shell can cushion any blow. Since earpots are made for the active and on-the-go lifestyle, many people bring them to the gym, beach, trails and other destinations. Run, hike, work out and take over the world with adequately protected earpots. Gravity, spills, dirt and grime do not stand a chance!

Apart from protection, you also get customized Corded Airpot designs that you can match with your outfit. Fun prints, funky beads, head-turning colors. Earpots and their cases can take your look up a notch. 

Airpod Cords Take it a Step Further

Whether it’s a charm / Airpod wristlet or a sling for a phone case or earpot case, carrying your gadgets with you on a leash is always a good idea. An Airpot case with cord or Airpod Pearl Lanyard takes safety, style and functionality to the next level. Corded Airpot cases can only do so much in protecting your earpots from forces of nature, but it doesn’t save them from your overflowing crowded purse and your fluffing memory. This is a fashionable and functional solution if you are tired of always fumbling in your bag or forgetting where you put your gadgets!

Our Earpot pro case with cord will turn your mini gadget into a mini purse that sits snugly around your neck or body. You get a cute sling Airpod pro bag with attached charms & cords that only stores your earpots. This way, you save some space in your bag as you carry your earpots around for easy access. Perfect for hands-free activities like going for a jog in the park, running on the treadmill or getting groceries while on a phone call.

Look Out for Louve’s Launch

Airpods are everywhere. While phone cases have a permanent space in our hearts, there’s still some room left for an Airpod necklace or beaded earpot charm. You’ll love what’s in store for Louve’s upcoming collection! Everything cute, chic, and convenient is on the horizon. So, if you are a lover of gadgets and gizmos and appreciate earpots and phone accessories that don’t cramp your style, keep your eyes peeled for new releases of Louve earpots and airpod cases with cords soon!