Have you spotted the latest phone accessory trend? People are now using their phone cases as small phone wallets; and honestly, who can blame them? Nowadays, multifunctional items are dominating the market and for a good reason. In the spotlight are two of the items that take up most of the space in your bags: our phones and our wallets. Here’s why they are a big hit right now and why you should jump on this stylishly practical bandwagon!

Practical & Functional phone accessories!

In our everlasting attempt to find the most convenient smartphone case that ever exists, we present to you the stroke of genius that is the Phone Wallet! Just when you thought the phone case with cord couldn’t get any better, this innovation jumps in and blows your mind. You might not need to carry a bag along when all your cash, cards and transactions can be done with your phone hanging around your body or neck. Cashless payment through your mobile apps, and putting your cards into your phone case are all you need to get by. You can even insert cash money at the back of your phone cover. 

Especially when you have a million things on your plate and your hands are literally full, a phone accessory such as the corded phone case, or smartphone wallet is an invaluable product that deserves all the hype. Thus, the next time you search for a new iphone case, consider its uses, and if it offers more than one purpose, it’ll already give you the best bang for your buck.

Fashion & style!

If you are worried about your smartphone gadgets to crimp your style, Louve products never disappoint. Functionality does not cancel out fashion in our book! In fact, matching your phone cords to your outfit makes your look all the more interesting.

With phone cases & cords that blend well with your sartorial taste, you will never ever go back to dull and drab smartphone cases. Louve phone covers have sleek monochromatic looks that can match your minimalist style. Additionally, we have blinged-out phone charms and beaded phone chains to add to the sparkle and shine you already have! Bonus points for having phone case card holders, phone cords and card pockets for accessibility. 

Phone accessories for the Active

Things to do, places to go—the never-ending cycle of a busy bee sometimes results in cracked and scratched screens, dented edges, and even broken and soaked parts. The protection you need for your iphone or samsung doubles when it is a fundamental tool you use daily. So, a protective phone case is non-negotiable. On the other hand, there are also some items we cannot live without like a credit card, an ID card, social security card, medical alert card, or driver’s license. Without your phone and one of these essential cards, it will feel like you are crippled. Fortunately, there are the chances of you losing or forgetting your essential items are slim because these flip phone cases with card holder keep them together and close to you at all times.

Less is More

Cash-less, hands-free, contactless; not to mention worry-free and stress-free! People are now deleting the unnecessary and working with what’s essential. When all you have are a couple of pockets, you do not have to sacrifice what’s left of your wiggle room. You have the option to hang it around your neck with a phone chain and keep your essential cards just within reach.

Louve smartphone accessories are all about style and practicality. We understand the need for a sleek phone case design that can easily be incorporated into any look. At the same time, just like you, we value the importance of functionality. Thus, we are bringing a new collection of leather phone case wallets, flip & wallet cases and phone cases with card holders soon! Our new slim & stylish wallet phone case accessories will keep your smartphone, credit cards and cash all in one protective place. Going shopping, brunching with friends, hitting the gym, and hanging out at the beach just got more convenient—stay tuned! 

March 10, 2022 — Lucia Schurink

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