1. Remove any existing screen protector and your phone case + other accessories
  2. Wipe over your phone’s screen with the provided wet wipe to clean the screen
  3. Thoroughly dry the phone screen with the provided microfibre cloth
  4. If any dust particles remain, remove with the provided ‘Dust removal sticker’
  5. Align the plastic frame of your new screen protector with the edges of your phone
  6. Holding the plastic frame firmly in place against your phone, pull the bottom tab straight out from in between the frame and your new phone screen protector
  7. Leaving the plastic frame in place on your phone, press your finger against the screen protector through the circle at the top of the phone screen - You will see the screen protector begin to stick to your phone screen
  8. Press and run your finger from top to bottom through the larger gap below the circle to ensure the screen protector sticks to the entire length of your phone screen
  9. Remove the plastic frame and, using the provided microfibre cloth, press firmly around the edges of the screen protector until totally sealed
  10. Done! You can replace your phone case and other accessories



  • CLEAN and dry screen with provided cloths

  • ALIGN new screen protector frame with phone

  • PULL bottom tab straight out toward you

  • PRESS on screen protector through top circle

  • SLIDE finger down screen protector through pill shape


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