Our Story



1. female wolf. [she-wolf]
2. a predatory woman.
3. a woman who knows what she wants and is free of prejudice and preconceived notions.



Inside of every woman is a wild spirit, a wolf. Her spirit shelters vital and poweful energy that is born from the spontaneity of her natural way of being. She is fierce, strong and knows exactually what she wants.

She wants to be free and brave, she wants to create with her bare hands, get dirty and sweaty while making life of her own.

She is joyful and connected to her instincts and desires. She doesn’t let anyone tell her how to act for the approval of others. She is loyal and protective. She knows how to take care of herself. She loves herself, without being narcissistic. She’s your strength when the world is trying to break your spirit. So dig out those old bones of your everlasting soul and let in passion and creative madness in your life.

The best part of all is that this wild wolf is inside every woman. All she has to do is gather the courage to wake it up..



LOUVE is about women feeling empowered and being able to fully express themselves. At LOUVE, we are dedicated to helping independent young women complete their look with vintage inspired, classic and on-trend quality pieces. We provide the fashion-conscious individuals of today with contemporary styles infused with edge for an international touch.

LOUVE Collection is about people and places we admire. Our collections are inspired by our travels and by iconic women of the past & the now. We adapt and create international trends to our collection every day. Blending classics with high fashion trends to create sophisticated items that characterise our brand. Always striving on creating purposeful pieces for your everyday wardrobe.


Fashion is something we do together, and in a world of me, LOUVE celebrates the us.