From the beginning of quarantine and with COVID-19 taking a toll on our fashion sense, Instagram and TikTok trends have become popular and insanely influential for our fashion styles. Recently, there has been a popular accessory that’s been taking over Instagram and TikTok. Add a funky twist to your phone case with colourful Phone Charms & Beaded phone wristlets!

What is a Phone Wristlet?

Like bucket hats and platform flip flops before them, phone straps or now known as phone wristlets are having a renaissance. Think of these attachable lanyards like the camp jewellery trend, but for your phone. Now you can carry your smartphone with you wherever you go using these Beaded Smartphone Charms! 

But there’s more to the phone strap trend than 2000 calling to give our lucky charms back. Let’s talk about how these phone wristlets can add glam to your phone.

Plus Points for Functionality

Being more connected to our devices naturally makes us think about what they look like and how we can personalise them. This pearly and multi-coloured beads phone wristband has the perfect combination of style and functionality. With these attached to your phone, never lose your phone again! 

Wear your phone charm around your wrist or easily find it in your bag with this chunky beaded chain.

You can also wear this smartphone wristlet with beads & pearls like a handbag, and prevent your phone from dropping.

This smartphone bracelet will make your life easier and keep your phone within your hand's reach.

Stylish and Chic

Add the short pearl phone chain to your phone case and add a long crossbody phone strap with pearls to your order - so you can wear your smartphone around your body. 

Louve Collection’s Phone Wristlet Bestsellers

  • Gaia Phone Charm in Gold
  •  Simple, Stylish, Strong and Smart! The Gaia Phone Charm in Gold will instantly glam up your outfit. The perfect addition to your look if you are on your way to a dinner party. 

  • Ciao Phone Wristlet
  •  Ciao Bella! Add some elegance to your look with the new 'CIAO' phone wristlet with pearls & beads. This pearly smartphone wristlet has the perfect combination of style and comfort. You can wear this beauty as a keychain too! 

  • Smiley Phone Pearl Wristlet with pearls & beads
  • Add a funky touch to your look with our Smiley Pearl phone wristlet! This smartphone wristlet with smileys and pearls can uplift your mood with its simple yet ingenious design.

    Put your phone together as desired with custom smartphone accessories: Phone cases with changeable phone straps, ropes, cords, strings and lanyards! Combine any colour phone cover with any colour or style phone rope & replace your phone cord anytime.

    Customise your phone and keep your hands free, so you can focus on the beauty of life! Customise your device now, with LOUVE! 

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