Most people treat their smartphones as an extension of their hands. But what if you have to go hands-free but still want access to your precious device? Well, in this case, you need a Crossbody smartphone lanyard.

If you haven’t heard of it yet, we’re here to tell you about this heaven-sent and why you should have one too, asap! We’re not exaggerating when we say that smartphone lanyards have become one of the most practical and stylish smartphone accessories you could ever have, and here’s why:

What is a smartphone lanyard?

We’ve all experienced forgetting we last put our phones or dealing with the frustrations of digging for them in the rabbit hole in our purses. What about wanting to go jogging or hiking, but you can’t be bothered with holding your phone at all times? This is where a phone lanyard steps in. 

A phone or smartphone lanyard is a mobile accessory that allows you to wear your device so you can go hands-free and still get that added security. Call it a strap or cord; it’s there to keep your beloved phone secured when you’re using it or not.

This is useful when taking quick photos at picturesque sites without worrying about dropping them. Or bringing your phone with you without having to carry it. Admit it: as much as we know how important a smartphone is in our daily lives, sometimes you just want to bring it but don’t want to go through the inconveniences of having to hold it in your hand or look for it anywhere (in case you forgot where you put it). 

So a smartphone lanyard answers all these dilemmas. See? It is one of the best stylish phone accessories that you will ever buy!

How does a smartphone lanyard work? 

The concept of a phone lanyard is simple and straightforward. It’s a mechanism that allows you to wear your device on your body so you can go hand-free. 

There are different ways to wear a smartphone lanyard. You can wear it with a crossbody smartphone case, so you can wear your phone like you would wear a sling bag or a crossbody bag. 

You could also wear a smartphone lanyard over your neck to hang your phone around your chest. This gives you quick access to your phone should you need to answer a call, respond to a text or even take a snap of anything. 

You can level up your look and style using a crossbody phone case plus changeable straps. Imagine wearing a pearl wristlet one day to match your elegant and fancy look, just like this one, as seen on Netflix’s Emily in Paris, and then switching to a more rugged phone lanyard for when you want to go shopping and need both hands. 

Really, the practicality of using a smartphone lanyard, plus the security it offers, makes it more than just an accessory. 

Busy mum crossbody phone case

Smartphone Lanyard: It’s time you get one

If you’re looking into upgrading your phone’s look, don’t just think about getting a new phone case. Take it to the next level in terms of aesthetics and functionality with a phone lanyard. So, if you don’t have one (or two or three) yet, it’s time you get a smartphone lanyard for yourself. There are so many options to choose from, so you can go from one look to another with just a change of straps. Importantly, you can protect your precious device against impact and ensure that your smartphone is just in your body, no matter what you do, wherever you go, and all that for an affordable price!

Phone case with crossbody strap

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