You might remember longingly the bejewelled butterflies and dangling hearts charms that once dolled up your old flip phones. But the trend before might not be the trend that’s popular now. When trying out a new trend, we would always want what looks good and stylish. Perhaps a phone accessory that could go along with any outfit? You might have heard of phone cords before, as it was introduced two years ago. One popular brand these days is String Ting’s phone straps. The beaded String Ting attachments fastened to phones are hard to miss because of their street style. Also, one popular design these days that is considered the newest trend of the season are Pearl Phone Cords


What is a phone cord?

First, let’s describe what a phone cord is. Also known as a “phone leash” or a “phone chain”, this is very popular with all ages these days as this defines the convenient way of living life. We like to live conveniently, walking around with our phones close by all the time. Phones of all sizes may be too bulky for our pockets or we don’t like carrying bags all the time and we just want to carry them comfortably everywhere we go. Thus, phone cords were invented. 

But we’re not going to talk about just phone cords. We’re going to talk about Phone cords with pearls.

Nothing’s wrong with just having a simple phone cord. But Pearls go with everything. So why not add that extra spark to your phone case with our changeable phone cords with pearls? Loop the gold-tone pearl phone chain over your head and keep your smartphone within reach at all times.

You can also add the short Pearl Phone wristlet to wear as a double pearl cord, so you can also carry your phone around your wrist as a phone bracelet. This pearly beauty is an absolute eye-catcher. Remember what Coco Chanel said: “A woman needs ropes and ropes of pearls!”

A brand that offers pearl phone cords that deserves your attention is Louve Collection. Here at Louve Collection, we don’t just offer pearl phone leashes but also biodegradable and eco-friendly phone cases to mix and match your daily outfit! Our goal is to bring fashion and functionality together that could bring more style to your daily ensemble. 

Upgrade any outfit and simplify your life forever with Louve Collection!