Phone cords with Pearls are uniquely beautiful for various reasons. While they don’t arise from the sea, they offer the same elegant visual aesthetic that men and women love. It doesn’t sparkle brightly as diamonds but they bring glamour to your wardrobe. Pearl phone cords are versatile accessories as they can be worn for any occasion. Whether you are going on a trip to the grocery or corporate meeting, a pearl phone cord will add a dazzling finish to your outfit. 

So, why are more people choosing pearl phone straps into their wardrobe? Let’s take a look at what makes them the most on-trend accessory in recent years.

Pearl Phone Cords will Never Run Out of Style

The stunning simplicity inherent in pearls makes them a favourite among women of all ages. Beauty and style icons with the likes of Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly, and Jacqueline Onassis loved pearls and were always spotted accessorising their wardrobes with pearly jewellery. Now if these goddesses lived in this day and age, we’re pretty sure they would consider carrying their smartphones in pearl phone cords, too!

Unlike other materials, pearls never run out of style. They will always be known as a design element that adds sophistication even to simple outfits. You don’t have to switch phone cords or replace your cord every few months as phone holders attached to a pearl chain will always look good on every outfit that you have in your closet. 

Pearl Phone Cords are Sturdy 

Pearls are unique and delicate materials. While it may be tempting to customize a phone cord using genuine pearls, you may find yourself not using them outdoors for fear that you might break it or scratch it as you go about your daily routine. 

Phone cords featuring faux pearls however are more sturdy than its genuine counterpart. They showcase the same breath-taking aesthetic with the added feature of durability. You can use them from season to season without having to worry about scratches or breaking the cord accidentally. 

Phone Cords with Pearls are the Perfect Gift for Special Occasions

If you’re on a budget but would like to give a friend or loved one something beautiful but inexpensive, pearl phone cords are the ideal present for them. Women love accessorising their phones. Some place stickers at the back of their phones while some collect phone cases to fit their mood, season, or occasion. Giving your loved ones a pearly phone cord will definitely make their day. A gold hardware attaches the phone case to the pearly cord easily. 

Wear Pearl Phone Cords Any Way you Want

One of the major selling points of phone cord with pearls is that they can be worn in two ways. You can wear them like a cross-body bag, only the bag at the end of the cord is your smartphone. If you’re not comfortable that your phone is hanging on the side of your body, you can wear a pearl phone around your neck. Wearing it like a necklace or an ID feels more comfortable for many women. Choosing to wear your phone using a pearl phone cord will also free your hands from doing more important tasks. You can go about your day without having to struggle to remember where you placed your phone. 

Pearl Phone Cords will Make You Feel Safe At All Times

Having our phones near us makes us feel safe and secure. Whatever happens, as long as our phone is right beside us or within our person, we feel safer. This is one of the primary goals of wearing a phone cord- so that you can have easy access to your phone in times of emergencies or you need to respond to work emails immediately, and for other urgent matters. You don’t have to waste hours looking where you placed your phone. As we all source our information and perform important tasks using our phones, a pearl phone cord is beneficial in that it ensures you’ll stay abreast of current events and important emails from work. 

Mix and Match with Other Phone Accessories

Elevate your look with a pearl phone cord as the foundation of your everyday wardrobe. The hardware that links the pearl phone cord to your phone case will enable you to switch your case from time to time. Most pearl phone strap owners attached their cords to clear cases for a simple and clean finish. There are also those who prefer to coordinate their outfits with the colour of their phone cases. Simply put, you can mix and match with different phone cases without taking away the elegance and timeless beauty that pearl phone cords deliver. 

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Pearl Phone Wristlets & Colorful Phone Charms

Upgrade your smartphone with our funky and playful Phone Charms & Wristlets with Pearls. The phone chain with pearls serves as an accessory but mainly keeps your phone close at all time. Hang your pearly phone wristlet around your wrist or arm. You can add a phone charm or phone wristlet with pearls to the side of any phone case. Even your own! We offer colourful phone wristlets with beads and pearls.