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Classic Clear Phone Case + Pearl Phone Chain | Long


Let's cover the world with glitter & pearls!

Pearl Phone chain, as Seen in Emily in Paris! Add a shiny and sparkling touch to your smartphone case with this Pearly Phone Cord featuring faux-pearl beads. When adding this pearl phone cord to your device, you will be the early adapter of this new summer trend! Combine this beautiful pearl phone cord with the short pearl phone chain / pearl bracelet, to wear your phone crossbody as a double pearl phone cord. Makes your daily life 100% easier, simplify your life with LOUVE!

DISCLAIMER: Due to product improvements we've upgraded the design of the clear phone case and the clasps of our phone cords. Therefore you could see some variations in details of this product in the product images. The phone case from the first product image is the phone case you will receive, the clasps of the phone cord will have the best upgraded version. 

Long chain: 120 CM 5mm width

  • Flexible, transparent case(silicone)
  • Off-white faux pearls

Customise your phone as desired with our changeable phone accessories: Phone cases with removable phone cords, chains, ropes and lanyards! Combine any color phone case with any color or style phone cord & replace the phone rope anytime you like.