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Multi-Functional cord: Sunglass Strap and Necklace


Materials and Care

Multi functional cord, which you can wear as a necklace or use as a Sunglass strap. 
Keep your sunnies nearby at all times. The strap is lightweight, comfortable to wear and secures your sunglasses on your neck. This multi-functional necklace cord is a great accessoire to chunk up every basic outfit.

The Sunglass Chain / Necklace is gold plated and made from a stainless steel base that has been dipped in a 14K gold bath. This means that this item is hypoallergenic. The gold plating will last a very long time. If you want your jewellery to last even longer, we advise not to swim with the items. For further questions check our FAQ page.




Hand-Finished jewellery with premium quality materials + 14K gold plating.

Size specifications

- Chain size: 67 cm