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Ibiza Bohemia Phone Wristlet / Bracelet with Pearls & Beads


Add a funky touch to your look with our Ibiza Bohemia phone wristlet with Pearls and Colourful Beads! 

This smartphone wristlet has the perfect combination of style and comfort. Wear the phone chain with beads and pearls around your wrist and prevent your phone from falling on the ground. This phone bracelet cord will make your life easier by keeping your phone within hand's reach. Add the short pearl phone chain to your phone case and add a long crossbody phone lanyard to your order - so you can wear your phone around your body. Customize your phone as desired, with LOUVE!

Glamorous solution for your phone!
Short phone wristlet: 30 CM 12mm width

  • Off-white Acrylic faux pearls and multi-colored beads
  • Gold-Toned Hardware

Put your phone together as desired with custom smartphone accessories: Phone cases with changeable phone ropes, cords, strings and lanyards! Combine any color phone cover with any color or style phone rope & replace your phone cord anytime.