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The Palmist Green Phone Cord


Removable phone cord in green. Wear your phone cord around your body, and keep your phone near you wherever you go. Functional and stylish when you're on the move! Check all our different styles of phone lanyards and cords now.

DISCLAIMER: Due to product improvements we've upgraded the design of the clasps of our phone cords. Therefore the clasps in some of the product images could vary. The clasps of the phone cord you will receive will have the best upgraded version.

Materials and Care

*This is only the Cord*

Keep your smartphone close with our phone case and strap. Features a luxe detachable cord strap for looping over your head, add a smartphone case to adjust your cord to & to protect your phone wherever you go!

- Polypropyleen, Hybride thermoplastic polyurethaan

* For those who want to have their phones within reach. For those who want to walk - and talk at the same time. For those who are always searching for their phones. We are the hands-free solution for modern multi-taskers! Keep your hands free and simplify your life with LOUVE!

Size specifications

Choose your phone case size and adjust any cord!