MATCH YOUR CORDED PHONE TO YOUR OUTFIT - Which phone cases  match with which phone cords?

Please be aware:

 ·      LOUVE smartphone straps are not compatible with phone cases that do not include attached rings or a clip-in system – If you own another brand phone case, make sure that your phone case includes rings, when you’d like to purchase a LOUVE phone cord.
·      Not all of our phone cords fit all of our phone cases.
·      The Daily Detacher cords (showcased rolled up in a circle including a hook) only fit to Daily Detacher phone cases – phone cases that do not have rings attached to them
·      All our other phone cords are compatible to every phone case that have rings attached to them.

A corded phone case will ensure your smartphone is safe and you can be hands-free wherever you go! They are are stylish and functional for everyone. Our phone straps can be worn necklace style or crossbody, like a bag. Our Custom Phone accessories make sure that you’ll look stylish and you can always have your device within reach. We are offering many different styles, colors and sizes - depending on your preference. 

After searching for phone cases with cords on the internet, you will find many different options corded phone cases. Some phone cases include attached rings, some have built-in holes for the use of a phone strap and some have a click in system. Not all our smartphone cords fit every smartphone cover. It could be quite confusing! To give you a better understanding we are offering some more information about the different option phone cases and cords. A guide to which phone cover goes with which phone cord, bracelet or wristlet!


Our Phone wristlets:

Our Smartphone Wristlets go with every phone case! Even your current one. Every phone case has a small gap on the side, where you could attach your phone wristlet. Add some elegance to your outfit with a funky, pearl & beads phone wristlet. Check our wristlet collection here!


Phone wristlet | Pearl Phone wristband | Corded phone case | Biodegradable phone cases | Phone chains


The Daily Detacher. Our two in one phone cases! 

Customise your smartphone now with our Daily Detacher Phone cases!

Simply pick a color TPU phone case and add any phone cord that includes a hook to your order. Mix & Match phone cords as often as you like! We offer phone cords for every occasion!

Phone case with cord | Corded phone case | Smartphone wristlet | Wristband | Customise your phone

The Daily Detacher is our two-in-one phone case. Phone covers that include cords with a detachable and adjustable hook. Which means thatthat you’re able to wear your phone case separately as a regular phone cover - or as a corded phone case when you clip on the phone cord into the case.

Daily Detacher cords (Showcased rolled up in a circle with a hook) only fit our LOUVE phone cases that don’t have rings attached to them.


To make sure to click the phone strap correctly to your phone case. Check here how it’s done..

Corded phone case. customise your smartphone. Phone case with cord. phone lanyard

Names of our Daily detacher braided phone cords:

Le Café Noir, Marrakech Flair, Poppy Fields, Lemon Squash, Make me Blush, Belle Etoille, Dust, Ibiza Boho, Pure Pine, Divine dots, Coral Chic, Noosa Lilac, Desert Sand, Oh my Orchid, Objets D’amsterdam.

Active Belt Collection:

We offer sporty phone belts for the active people out there!
These phone belts are suitable for hiking, walking your dog, going for your workout class, or anyone that like to be outdoors! Our phone belt come in many colours and styles, check our collection here!

Corded phone case | Biodegradable smartphone cases | Phone wristlet " Phone belts


Phone cases with attached rings & built-in holes:

We are also offering smartphone cases that include built-in holes or rings. If you’re keen to use a phone case with attached leash at all times, this option would be suitable for you!

You can click any phone cord that includes Clips to the phone cases with attached rings and built-in holes.

Phone case with cord | Corded phone case | Pearl phone cord | Phone cord with pearls | Phone chain with pearls | shopatelje | Smartphone wristlet | Wristband

Pearl Phone Cord Collection:

If you'd like to make a statement, our Pearl Phone Cord Collection is for you!
Our Phone Chain with pearls instantly upgrades your outfit. We offer a short pearl phone bracelet, pearly phone wristlets and a long phone cord with pearls. You can combine the Bergamo Pearl Phone Bracelet with the long pearl phone chain, check our collection here!

Pearl Phone chain | Phone chain with pearls | Smartphone cord with pearls | pearly phone wristlet | Wristband

Phone cords with screws: 

Some of our smartphone straps include a screw in both ends of the phone cord, which you can unscrew and loop through the rings of the hooks. So you can change up with phone cords as much as you like. You can adjust the cord into your preferred size and wear your phone around your neck or body.

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