Phone accessories are on the rise. People have been raving about them since mobile phones started. It started from just a small charm hanging from the phones and now, more inventions are made to make it more useful than just being an embellishment.

This 2022, the hanging phone case / or Phone Harness has become a trend starting last year, and it continues to flourish even up to this day as more and more famous personalities and social media influencers flaunt themselves wearing one. And voila! People started to flock and look for matchy accessories just like what their fave celebrities wear. It is undeniable that crossbody phone cases look fashionable, they’re useful and very trendy.

But what really makes it more special and very appealing to a lot of people? Let us help you with some ideas on what is behind the trend of crossbody phone accessories.

The Hanging Crossbody Phone Case Overview

In this day and age, most people cannot leave their smartphones behind. Just like this pandemic, some use it for work, school, or just to communicate with their loved ones through social media. Some even use their phone devices to see what is happening at home through some apps.

Phone accessories are created because there is a need to protect your phone and stay connected every time of the day. You can now wear your phones just like a crossbody phone bag, as a phone necklace or just hang them around your wrists like a mini phone-wallet or a phone-purse. 

The purpose of a hanging crossbody phone case is to protect your phone and have it by hand at all times. These Corded phone cases include a phone string or smartphone harness that lets you hang your smartphone around your neck, or like a crossbody phone bag. This makes your phone available to you when needed.

The phone lanyard is Trendy!

Speaking of trendy, more and more celebrities are using a phone case with strap as an accessory. Louve Collection offers the trendiest collection for your phone's needs. The iphone cases with changeable straps come in loads of style and colours. Just like The Pearl Phone Chain Collection or the Beaded phone wristlets. They’re elegant and chic, perfect for any outfit you want to wear on any day. And just so you know, the pearl phone bracelet / wristlet has been seen in the Netflix hit show Emily in Paris. Worn by Ashley Park (Mindy). 

The one thing that makes these stylish crossbody phone cases stand out is the phone strap that is attached. There are lots of colours to choose from and different styles to suit every need. The one great feature about this is that they can be matched with different outfits. For example, having brunch with friends on a Sunday, matching it with a cute dress and a pair of doll shoes, you can use the gold-plated gold chain from our collection. For a movie night with your special someone, wearing your most comfy outfit, the wonder rose pink phone cord is a match. There are a lot of fun ways to mix and match these phone cords with any outfit and on any occasion. You just have to be creative! 

What do we look for in a Corded phone case? Is it just for fashion or also for the security, protection  and safety of your phone? Or maybe both? We all want to protect our phones from unforeseen incidents. The way this hanging phone case + strap or lanyard is designed makes it durable, cool, and comfortable. Crossbody smartphone cases protect our devices at the same time and allow us to use our phones and make them more accessible. Louve Collections aims for those! Choose only the phone case with lanyard that fits your style and also is very useful for you. Check out our website and see our different collections phone accessories!

August 31, 2022 — Louve Collection

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