The Daily Detacher: Two in one, crossbody phone cases!

What makes us unique, is that you’re now able to wear your phone case separate as a regular phone cover AND hang it around you when you click on the lanyard. Because of the special Louve frame, phone cords, straps and belts can be changed at any time or can be separated from the case. You can simply attach and detach the rope with our Click On/Off system. Combine your lanyard to your outfit, take the strap off and replace it anytime you like!

But, make sure to click the lanyard correctly to your phone case. Check here how it’s done..

 Smartphone case with cord instruction card. How to click the cord into the phone case and wear your phone around your body as a phone bag or phone necklace 

How to use your new Daily Detacher – Detachable crossbody phone case:

  • Put the plastic hook, with the smooth front of the hook facing upwards,into the correct position inside the phone case
  • Make sure that the rings of the phone case are facing upwards
  • Press the hook onto the mobile phone case and place your phone on top of the hook 
  • Pull on the cord to ensure that the hook is in place and safe.

If you handle the Daily Detacher with care, your smartphone cover, hook and lanyard strap will remain intact. Please do NOT bend or stretch the hook in any direction as the material could break. Always make sure that your phone is securely placed in the case.

Decide for yourself when you want to use a cell phone case and when you want to add a cell phone chain to hang your phone around you. With the removable cord you can combine any case color with any cord.

Removable and replaceable within seconds.. The Louve Carrier is the ultimate gadget for your daily life. We also offer Biodegradable phone case options. Check out our full collection of phone case with cord options now!

Keep your hands free and simplify your life, with Louve!

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